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Breaking News: Delta Recalls 1.6 Million Cribs

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

09016aThe Consumer Products Safety Commission just announced a voluntary recall by Delta of 1.6 million drop side cribs (sold from January 1995 through September 2007) because an 8-month-old baby became entrapped and suffocated when the drop side of his crib detached. Some of the cribs are missing a safety peg in the base of each leg that can cause the crib locks to detach and create a hazardous gap. Others have all their pegs but they can stop functioning properly. This recall involves a lot of model numbers so to see if your crib is included check the CPSC’s database or Delta’s crib recall site. If your crib is affected, stop using it and order a free repair kit online or by calling 800-816-5304.

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Repurpose Your Crib Bumpers

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Did you steer clear of the crib set of your dreams because it included bumpers? Why drop all of that cash for baby bedding when half of it is unusable? If you’ve asked that very same question, know that you’re not alone. Ohdeedoh found that the readers at Thrifty Fun had invented some super-creative ideas…here are a few of my faves:

Remove the print fabric and make matching curtains,
a photo album cover, pillows with the fabric and
stuffing, or even make few baby clothes.

You can cut them down as a draft blocker or cut them and fill
with rice and herbs or essential oils and make some heat packs. Great
for helping children to sleep or keeping little feet warm.

You could cut the bumpers to make a soft "book" of the images. My
daughter loves her cloth books and the images on your bumper look very
"kid friendly".

Another idea is to use the bumpers as "trim" on things like laundry
baskets, storage bins or diaper pails in the nursery. Since they are
part of your set, they will coordinate the entire room for a "designer"
look. Don’t forget to save some of the bumper for a valance over the

Why not take a
solid color fabric that matches the print best and, along the pads
running horizontally, sew on little pockets to house  small toys,
stuffed animals, shoes, pictures, anything like that that will look
cute in the pockets. Just hang the whole pad on the wall.

Did you repurpose your crib bumpers in a clever way? We’d love to hear your ideas! Crafting for the sake of safety—there’s no better reason to whip out your glue gun!

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Room with a View

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Remember how proud you were of that stenciling job you did around the border of your baby’s room? Or the cloud effect you painted on the walls? Well get ready to be totally outdone. Check out the unbelievable and magical kids’ rooms created by Kidtropolis. Okay, maybe you’d have to dig into (or completely empty) your child’s college fund in order for her to sleep in her very own princess castle, but the website is definitely worth a browse, whether you want to get inspired or just gawk and drool over their genius décor. Image005_2

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P’kolino Now At Babies-R-Us!

Friday, July 25th, 2008

We fell for P’kolino’s mod, kid-friendly design when we featured their Clothes Tree in Parents Mag last November. So we’re totally psyched that they’ve partnered up with Babies-R-Us to sell a exclusive line of toddler products! If you love this unique children’s desk, check out the rest of their line here.

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Plug of the Week: Home Improvment Made Easy

Monday, May 5th, 2008

House_always_winsWhen Marni Jameson isn’t writing for Parents, she’s dishing out very practical and funny home-decorating advice in her syndicated column “At Home with Marni Jameson." Her new book, The House Always Wins, is about how you can create your dream home—but a real-world, budget-friendly dream home that actually works for a family, not a spartan, spotless showroom. And the book isn’t all how-tos: Marni has two daughters, one of whom wants gorillas and elephants painted on her bedroom walls and a “furry phone,” so she’s also got great tips on finding a sane compromise when your kids make crazy decor requests. You can order a copy here or enter to win one by sending her your most horrific remodeling tale.

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Snuggly Seating

Monday, April 14th, 2008

11649__dp__e700x600I’m loving all the fun, multi-purpose furniture for kids. (And I thought I was special because I had a purple bean bag chair when I was little! Oh, ye of little functionality.) As if the plush toy storage seat from Boon wasn’t cool enough, now there’s Pkolino Silly Soft Seating. Kids can hug it, climb it, lounge on it, or turn it into a little desk (the lack of sharp edges makes it perfect for wobbly toddlers.) And the fabric is removable and washable, so the inevitable food- or fingerpaint-related mishap isn’t panic-worthy.

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Fab Sale Alert

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

3603025_bowlingdiaperbag_0702wThe spring season is still young, but that doesn’t bother the people at Land of Nod: They’re having a huge "spring cleaning" sale full of tons of great stuff…and it’s up to 80 percent off! Our top pick: These chic and simple bowling bag-esque "Strike and Spare" diaper bags ($69, down from $140.)

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Clever Toy Storage Solution

Monday, March 24th, 2008

519fnaoed0l_ss384_If your house is in serious danger of being overtaken by your kid’s stuffed animals, check out this toy storage/plushy seat combo from Boon. When your child is done snuggling with her cuddly pals, all she has to do is stuff them in this fuzzy bag and voila—she’s got a pretty awesome beanbag-esque chair. Take a look at all the cool colors and styles here.

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