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My Favorite Flip-Flops, On Sale For One Day!

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Earlier this summer I declared I have a new favorite flip-flop–one that got a thumbs up from a podiatrist and is even endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. Now that the summer is half over (nooo!), I can report that I still haven’t gotten a blister (even in the midst of a disgusting heatwave), I still haven’t felt any soreness in my arches or heels, I still haven’t almost walked out of my flip flops, and I still haven’t slipped while wearing them. And they still look brand new–and I’ve worn them every single day. This won’t be news to lots of you, based on the enthusiastic comments you posted when I originally wrote about them.

Okabashi tells me that they’re having a big Christmas in July event on Monday, July 25 where you can buy one dozen pairs for $100. This means you can save anywhere from $4 to $9 per pair (the most expensive style is $17.99). I’ve already gotten my mom, sisters, and friends on board to go in on the dozen with me, and Monday I’ll be placing my order. The sale begins at 12am and ends at 11:59pm, and includes every style in every color.

According to Okabashi, their flip-flops are:

• 100% recyclable and contains up to 30% recycled material
• Supportive with a massaging insole that helps relieve foot and back pain.
• Guaranteed for 2 years
• Made in the USA
• Dishwasher-safe and machine washable
• Antimicrobial agents and odor resistant
• Anti-slip
• Completely water proof (will not change shape or fade)
• The only shoe endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association

If you’re interested, you might want to gather up your fellow buyers this weekend. Unless you want to stock up on your own collection to last you a decade or so!

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Meet My New Flip Flops

Monday, June 6th, 2011

As a health editor, I feel conflicted about wearing flip flops. I know they’re bad for me—I’ve heard podiatrists say that they can be as harmful as 4″ heels—but when the warm weather arrives, I can’t resist. Surely you can relate.

But now maybe I don’t have to resist. I’m wearing a new-to-me brand, called Okabashi, and they are so comfortable. First of all, even in the midst of our little heatwave here in NYC, they haven’t caused any new-shoe or heat-induced blisters. Second, they offer good arch support, unlike the other kinds I wear. Third, they grip my feet so that I don’t almost walk out of them with every step, and they grip the ground so that I don’t fall on my butt like I did in the lobby of my office building one night a few weeks ago.

Hoping they weren’t too good to be true, I checked with Hal Goolman, D.P.M., a podiatrist at Weeks Medical Center in Lancaster, New Hampshire. He liked what he saw, particularly the fact that the shoe has a deep heel cup and good arch support. He points out that you generally want to avoid flip flops if you’ve certain foot conditions, like plantar fasciitis, which leads to heel pain. But if you’re determined to wear them, try a model with a bit of a raised heel because that takes some of the tension off the plantar fascia.

Other reasons I’m flipping over these flops: They’re easy to clean (you can even throw ‘em in the dishwasher), they’re made in the U.S., and they’re inexpensive. The pair I’m sporting are $15.

Okabashi boasts having sold more than 30 million pairs. Anyone else out there a convert?

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