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How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes for 2010

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Avatar Jake Sully Halloween costumeUh oh. Halloween’s around the corner and you still don’t have any Halloween costumes for your family.    

We love the affordable, easy, and do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas available at, the website for a national chain store that specializes in secondhand and gently-used clothes and accessories.

For parents who can’t make it to Savers locations to meet costume consultants, the website has printable costume and makeup tutorials on how to create unique, inexpenPrincess Halloween costumesive, and memorable Halloween looks for everyone from parents to pets. 

By following the simple costume shopping lists and step-by-step makeup instructions, the whole family can be transformed into popular characters from “Avatar,” “Toy Story 3,” or “Sesame Street.” There are also handy tutorials on creating annual Halloween costume favorites such as superheroes and princesses in addition to creating a Steampunk costume, a trend that combines elements of the Victorian era with science fiction.

For budget-conscious families, parents can still save money and time without sacrificing style and personality.  Plus, saving on Halloween costumes for 2010 will mean having enough on the side to plan for next year!

Get inspired by other Halloween costume ideas on

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Money-saving Mondays

Monday, June 30th, 2008

A little loyalty means big savings

With the cost of everything going through the roof (actually, now even heading up toward the stratosphere) I’ve become kind of obsessed with saving money.  And this weekend, I hit the cost-cutter’s jackpot: I went shopping at my local chain drugstore and got $22 dollars deducted from my purchase!  How did I swing that? Simple: I’m a loyal member of their so-called loyalty program.  Every time I shop at CVS, I let them swipe the little ID card I keep on my key chain. (When I forget it, I ask them to put in my phone number so I can get credit.) By doing so, the drugstore chain (and who knows who else?) gets all sorts of information about my buying habits.  In exchange, I get lots of discounts—in the form of special prices for program members, bonus coupons that print out with my receipts, and an occasional postcard offering me even steeper savings.  A couple weeks ago, CVS sent me a card that I could use for a 20 percent discount on my entire purchase if I shopped this Saturday or Sunday. So late Sunday evening (I forgot until the last minute!) I stocked up on all that stuff I have to buy anyway: laundry soap, toothpaste, shampoo, paper towels, and so on. Seeing that discount deducted from my total purchase was a high point of my weekend! (Pathetic, I know.) So here’s my money-saving tip to begin the week: Join as many loyalty clubs as you can. Aim to have as many of those plastic cards on your keychain as you have keys. And—loyalty, schmoalty—plan your shopping with an eye toward those places that offer you the biggest price break.

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Money, Money, Money

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

419050330_27d0a2c69dWith a not-so-hot economy, we’re wondering how much dough parents are doling out for the numerous expenses that come with having kids. So tell us, what’s the going rate in your family for…

  • A tooth? Does the tooth fairy leave more for the first or last lost tooth?
  • A gift for a friend’s baby’s first birthday?
  • Presents for your pre-schooler’s classmates’ birthdays?
  • A gift card when you want to spend as little as possible without looking too cheap?
  • Allowance? (When do you start giving it? Does the amount change with age?)
  • A teacher/coach/music teacher’s holiday gift?

Let us know what you think, and your response could end up in Parents!

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