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Oh, Crap!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

1_12871_LG_PALet’s kick off the week with a post about kids and constipation, shall we? It’s a remarkably common problem, as you may very well already know. In our April issue, out now, we have a story called “When Your Child Just Can’t Go,” by one of our contributing editors, Darshak Sanghavi, M.D. Dr. Sanghavi is not only a pediatrician, but a father of two young boys, and he writes about his younger son’s particularly tricky and painful bout with chronic constipation. One of the most interesting things I learned from the story is that a fiber-rich diet doesn’t do much to help a child who has an ongoing problem. Fiber-filled foods are still key to a healthy diet, of course, and can benefit a child with temporary constipation. But if your child has a real issue and is constipated for several weeks, he or she will need your pediatrician to step in, or to see a pediatric gastroenterologist. The doctor will likely recommend you try at least one medical treatment, such as taking a mild laxative like Miralax. Has your child had this problem? What’s helped? (For my 4-year-old, Miralax worked wonders.)

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