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Womb Transplants May Become a Reality

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Womb transplants may soon become an option for women born without a womb, or those who’ve had their wombs removed due to disease. Animal experiments have been successful and now doctors are ready to try implanting donor wombs into the body’s of wombless women desiring to conceive and carry their own baby, according to an article in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research.

A womb transplant wouldn’t be easy, or budget-friendly though — a close tissue match must be found (from a mom or sister for example) and immunosuppressant drugs would be required to prevent organ rejection, a c-section is a must because transplanted wombs wouldn’t be able to handle the strain of natural childbirth, women would likely need IVF to become pregnant in the first place, and the womb would need to be removed after one or two pregnancies.

As a medical advancement, the possibility of a womb transplant is impressive, but do we really need to go there? IVF and other fertility treatments can help pregnancy become a reality for many women, and for women who can’t conceive and carry their own child even with those technologies, this may be the only answer — but should there be a point at which we say there simply isn’t an answer? Even with the ability of womb transplant technology, very few women will be able to afford the costly production it requires, and many are still questioning the safety of the procedure.

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