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“Confessions of the World’s Best Father”: One Dad’s Comically-Staged Photos With His Daughter

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

Confessions of the World's Best Father by Dave EngledowBy Caitlin Ultimo

Any first-time parent surely can identify with the urge to snap dozens upon dozens of photos throughout their child’s early years. “Oh, look he’s smiling,” turns into: “Oh, look he’s smiling holding a cracker/a cell-phone/the cat (Sorry, kitty, for his awkward grip — we have to get this shot!).”

Well, Dave Engledow took his new-dad camera readiness even further. While Mom was on deployment in the Army, Engeldow and their new daughter, Alice Bee, staged (with the help of Photoshop) hilarious photo shoots. He began by sharing the photos on Facebook, accompanied with comedic essays, as a way to alleviate his fears as a new dad and poke fun at them.  Starting at Day 3 and concluding with Day 918, his outlandish photos (some featured below) included scenes of Alice Bee helping him shave and the two of them breaking a sweat while lifting dumbbells together. Eventually, his photos were combined into one hilarious book, “Confessions of the World’s Best Father.”

Engledow is just one of a few parents who have opted for creative scenes in place of stiff photos.  Jason Lee, a wedding photographer, started taking one-of-a-kind portraits of his two girls back in 2006. Because his mother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and his daughters caught colds too frequently to be around her, he began a blog for the grandmother to see the humorous and whimsical pictures. Heather Sphor, who also had two kids, decided to document her infant’s, Jamesie’s, days because his older sister, Annie, had just entered preschool.  Annie wanted to know what Mom and Jamesie did while she was in class, so Sphor decided to document Jamesie’s daily adventures, from searching for Cinderella to exploring the Wild West.

One of Engledow’s many unforgettable photos appears on Day 66, which shows him holding Alice Bee in one arm like a football while his other arm squirts bottled breast milk into his coffee cup that proudly displays the label, “World’s Best Father.” He noted, “Apparently, fathering is not going to be quite as easy or glamorous as it looks on TV.” With Father’s Day right around the corner, plenty of new dads will agree that even though fatherhood isn’t always glamorous, it sure can be fun!

What are some of the creative ways you make parenthood interesting?

Dave Engledow Confessions of the World's Best Father Breastmilk

Dave Engledow Confessions of the World's Best Father Reading Twilight

Dave Engledow Confessions of the World's Best Father Pancake Breakfast in Bed

Photos: Originally appeared in “Confessions of the World’s Best Father” by David Engledow. Used with permission of Gotham Books, an imprint of Penguin Books USA.

Kids Talk about Loving their Daddy
Kids Talk about Loving their Daddy
Kids Talk about Loving their Daddy

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Campaign Shares Stories of Daughter Empowerment

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Chelsea and Bill Clinton

Chelsea Clinton recorded a video for the campaign.

With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday, dads and daughters are reflecting on the relationships they have with each other, and now they have a unique opportunity to share their stories with the world.

Fathers Empowering Daughters is a new campaign by the G(irls)20 Summit that aims to spread the word of girls’ empowerment with videos and social media. Fathers can talk about how they empower their daughters, and daughters can discuss how their dads empower them – sometimes in the same video. Bonus: For every social media interaction involving the campaign, Carlson Rezidor will donate $10 to the education of G(irls)20 delegates.

In one campaign video, Chelsea Clinton speaks about former president Bill Clinton, noting she was empowered by his focus on service, his commitment to family time, and his support of her decisions.

“I am grateful to my father most of all for always being ready with a hug, with a word a advice, but ultimately for the example that he set for me as Marc and I think about starting our own family,” she said.

Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Pakistani girls’ education activist Malala, offered his thoughts to parents in a video.

“I empower my daughter through education. If you empower your daughter, you will be stronger,” he said. “It is just like a light in complete darkness.”

Participants also include Richard and Holly Branson and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, but you don’t have to be a big name to participate. Submissions are welcome on Twitter, Facebook, and

Did your dad empower you? Is your husband empowering your daughters? Share your stories in the comments!

Image: Chelsea and Bill Clinton via ShutterShock 

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