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Parents Daily News Roundup

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Labor Complaint Against Longer School Day to Get Hearing
The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board announced late Thursday it will hold a hearing in December to review an unfair labor practice complaint from the Chicago Teachers Union over the contentious longer school day issue.

Use of Asthma Controller Meds on the Rise Among U.S. Kids
The percentage of children with asthma in the United States who use a prescription “controller” medicine has nearly doubled since the late 1990s, a new federal government report finds.

Squeezed Out in India, Students Turn to U.S.
The number of Indian students studying in the United States is surging as competition for admission to top Indian institutions has made that goal nearly unattainable.

As Online Courses Grow, So Does Financial Aid Fraud
Online college courses have proliferated, and so have financial aid scams. Investigators are fighting to keep up.

More Children Visiting ERs for Psychiatric Care
A growing number of American children are receiving psychiatric care in hospital emergency departments, particularly children who have no insurance or are covered by Medicaid.

Babies as Young as 15 Months Grasp Fairness
Even at 15 months, when they are just beginning to grasp language and acquaint themselves with their newfound motor skills, babies understand the concepts of sharing and fairness, suggests a new study.

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