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Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup1 in 3 high schoolers who use drugs, alcohol, cigarettes are addicted
Nearly half of all U.S. high school students currently smoke, drink or use other drugs, and a third of users meets the medical criteria for addiction, according to a report out Wednesday. (MSNBC)

New Federal Baby Crib Standards in Effect
Citing 12 million crib recalls since 2007 and dozens of infant deaths related to crib accidents, Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that “the toughest crib standards” in the world took effect this week.  Faulty hardware, breaking slats and dangerous drop-side design flaws in baby cribs have spurred the recalls over the years.  But Madigan says new standards will make the flaws a thing of the past.  “It’s taken too long for this day to come.  There are 32 infants who died in dangerous cribs that the Consumer Product Safety Commission confirmed died because of the flaws in these cribs.  That is far too many deaths,” said Madigan. (CBS)

Vaccines Protect the Youngest Babies
Two new studies offer good news for newborns and children about two different vaccinations — flu vaccine for pregnant women, and rotavirus vaccine for infants. (New York Times)


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