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Dress Up Time! Halloween Costumes for the Pregnant Set

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Whether you want to flaunt your bump this Halloween or would prefer to hold onto your exciting secret a little bit longer, these ideas will see you through the costume party season.

Put that bump on display:

That go-to Disney Princess costume can wait! You finally have a bump to show off and are eager to incorporate it into your Halloween getup. Take a look at these options. Still undecided? Check out these other pregnant Halloween costumes

No matter how old you get, Halloween is always about the candy. Dressing up as a gumball machine is not only sweet, it allows you to make the most of that belly! Picture an adult-sized version of this costume from Pinterest. Clever and functional!


Love the outdoors? Dress up as Mother Earth by wearing a mix of greens and blues, and then pin a printout of the globe to your bump. Get it?! It’s also a great budget-friendly idea.


Britney fan? Go “Baby One More Time” on your friends by dressing up in a Spears-inspired school girl outfit that’s pretty punny. Make sure to flaunt that belly! This is perfect for moms undergoing their second or third pregnancy.


Put that bump away:

Maybe you haven’t spilled the beans yet, or maybe you just want to go through one day of your life without someone asking you when you’re due (hey, Halloween is all about pretending to be someone else!). These costumes are for you.

You’re tired all the time and baggy clothes have never felt so good. So why not incorporate this getup into a costume? Save yourself from hours of primping and don a “bed head” look. All you need is a pair of cute pajama pants, a robe (an oversized option will help conceal a growing belly), and some bunny slippers. Twist some plastic curlers in your hair, and you’re good to go. If you’re feeling extra spirited, swap out your purse for a pillow case.


Go Risky Business this Halloween. Borrow an oversized white oxford shirt from your guy, slip on a pair of sunglasses (and maybe some spandex if the button down isn’t quite long enough to wear in public!) and channel your inner Tom Cruise all while concealing that bump.


You can’t go wrong with a classic pumpkin costume! Channel your five-year-old self and cover your bod, as seen below. Hard to tell what’s underneath! If you do decide to make the big reveal, these pumpkin-painted pregnancy bellies are pretty clever!


Trick or treat? Try making this witch-themed cupcake!

Halloween Treat: House on Witch Cupcake
Halloween Treat: House on Witch Cupcake
Halloween Treat: House on Witch Cupcake

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Watch: ‘My Princess Boy’ on the Today Show

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

A few months ago, we shared a story about one mom’s decision to let her son wear a princess costume for Halloween.  The mom, Cheryl Kilodavis, wrote and self-published a book titled “My Princess Boy” about her young son’s love for tutus, sparkles, and pink.  Her book has since gained popularity and is now published by Simon & Schuster. 

Below is a clip from Monday’s segment of the ”Today Show” in New York City, where Cheryl and her son (Dyson, now 5-years-old) speak about the importance of acceptance, inclusion, and embracing every child’s uniqueness.  Plus, stay tuned for our own upcoming interview with Cheryl Kilodavis!


More on “My Princess Boy”:

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Poll: Should Little Boys Dress Like Girls?

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

kilodavis-princessboyA hot debate is brewing among parents and among our readers: Would you let your little boy dress in girls’ clothing?

Cheryl Kilodavis is the mother of a 4-year-old boy who loves wearing sparkly and pink dresses, skirts, tiaras, and jewelry.  She wrote and self-published a children’s picture book titled “My Princess Boy,” based on her son, to create a dialogue about traditional gender roles, acceptance of differences, and unique self-expression. Another mom named Sarah blogged about her son’s choice to wear a “female” Halloween costume

We heard from parents like you who commented on the Parents magazine Facebook page and on the Parents Community discussion board.  Here are some highlights from the ongoing debate:

As an educator with a master’s degree in education, a former preschool teacher of 7 years, and a mother to a toddler, it is perfectly normal for a child to play in a way that may not be classified as “gender appropriate.”  Children learn the most by playing with other children, especially in the early years…It is all part of their development. Pretend play is a good way for children to model behaviors they see in their world. - Tracy Seng Wren

I do not approve or encourage my son to dress like a girl or act effeminate. As a father, my role is to teach him the appropriate male gender roles.  I would have no problem with my son cooking, helping with household chores, etc. There is a big difference with that and a boy dressing up as a girl. - Jose Tadeo

What do you think? Take our poll below and read more comments after the jump. 



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