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Cesar Millan’s Top 6 Tips For Families Raising a Dog

Friday, April 11th, 2014

Have your kids been begging for a dog? I adopted a puppy about a month and a half ago, and I’m here to confirm what you probably already know: it’s a blast but so much work at the same time. One of the trickiest parts has been sorting through all the conflicting training advice. Everybody has a different opinion on what to do, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and concerned that I am somehow setting my little furball up for a lifetime of problems. (Yes, it’s a little like parenthood!)

I spoke to renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan, known for his work on the television show Dog Whisperer, and here are his recommendations for families raising a puppy:

  • Make an agreement as a group. “Everybody focuses on what kind of breed they want, but first you need to all commit to the work ahead of you,” Millan explains. Often, a dog is brought into the family because the kids push for it, regardless of whether or not they are ready for the responsibility. Everyone needs to be prepared—and Mom and Dad need to make the ultimate decision together.
  • Consider fostering a dog before you bring home your own. Everybody benefits this way: The dog gets to experience a house with a loving family, and you can get insight into whether or not your clan is ready for a permanent pet.
  • Look for a dog with low or medium energy. “It has nothing to do with breed,” Millan says. “In a family of three kids, one will often be more active than the others even though they have the same parents. It’s the same with dogs.” Puppies with lower energy levels are more likely to be followers and won’t try to become the leader of the “pack.”
  • Don’t try to be your dog’s best buddy. “Dog lovers want to be friends with their pet rather than the authority figure,” Millan says. This can cause serious behavior problems from a young age. Millan adds, “Discipline is not punishment. It’s teaching him how to behave. In the long run, giving your dog constant affection and no discipline is far more hurtful to him.”
  • Let children help out by walking the dog. “Most kids want to chase dogs, but that’s encouraging a predatory behavior,” Millan explains. “They also like to carry puppies around like a baby. But puppies need to walk to experience their own environment. Otherwise, they’ll never learn the boundaries and rules around the house.”
  • Start training young. Sure, he’s just a puppy right now, but if you let him get away with jumping or barking from the get-go, you will have serious trouble setting boundaries later on.

For more expert advice, check out the finale of Cesar 911, which airs tonight on Nat Geo Wild. (But first, watch our video on teaching kids to be responsible pet owners below!)

Manners & Responsibility: Raising Responsible Pet Owners
Manners & Responsibility: Raising Responsible Pet Owners
Manners & Responsibility: Raising Responsible Pet Owners

Photo by Allen Birnbach

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Puppy Love: Behind-the-Scenes at the 138th Westminster Dog Show

Monday, February 10th, 2014

dogs in showAround 2,800 dogs competed in the 138th Westminster Dog Show this year in New York City on February 10th and 11th. I got to visit the pre-show event held at Chelsea Piers 92 and 94, which was buzzing with pups, breeders, and groomers—plus oodles and oodles of adoring dog lovers.

From the minute I stepped onto the “Westminster purple” PetProtect carpet provided by Stainmaster, a carpet and cushion system which boasts built-in stain resistance and pet odor reduction (a bonus, considering the sheer volume of pups present), I was blown away. You can’t begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into preparing a pooch for his or her debut at this prestigious event! From primping to posing to performing for treats, here’s a sneak peek behind-the-scenes:

There are more blow dryers and styling tools than you’d find at a typical beauty salon.

dog getting hair styled

Hair-do’s that are more intricate than the styles you’ve seen on on Pinterest.

dog hair-do

Treats for tricks (and treats just because).

tricks for treats

And lots and lots of posing for photos.

dog posing for photo

dog with award

dog posing for photo

Is your family ready for a dog? Take our quiz to find out.

How to Prepare Your Dog for a Baby
How to Prepare Your Dog for a Baby
How to Prepare Your Dog for a Baby

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