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My Name is Jessica, and I’m a Disney Addict

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

With such a big, fantastic country to travel, why would anyone keep taking Disney trips? That’s what I ask myself every time I start fantasizing about our next Disney vacation, which is pretty much daily. Here’s my answer: I don’t much care, because I want to go back to Disney.

Four reasons I keep giving my vacation dollars to the mouse:

#1 Disney employees are so nice to my kids. I really got that when I began traveling with babies. If your kid is freaking out, which he’s going to do at some point each day of his young life, someone offers a sticker, or an “awww,” or at least shoots you a sympathetic look. It’s such relief from other places, where kids have to be shushed and hustled out of site. I relax on a Disney vacay (I’m talking about DisneyWorld in Florida, and Disneyland in California, and the Disney Cruise ships) because my kids are going to “have moments” but thank goodness everyone understands. The hotels expect kids. The restaurants are ready for kids. It’s all good. 

#2 My husband and I get alone time. We joke that we have to go on a Disney Cruise to have a date, but that’s not really far off. The kids are so occupied with the kids’ clubs-doing the stuff of kid fantasies, like like joining a band of pirates-that we never fail to sneak off to an adult-only bar during some afternoon and an adult-only restaurant for a dinner. The kids are close and happy but we get some couple time too. And can I just point out that when the kids are in camp, the cabin is blissfully kid-free? It’s not hard to get my husband to go on one of the ships. 

#3 You can never see it all. The Florida parks are so vast. The cruise ships have so much going on every hour. And even the California park, with its manageable size, keeps upgrading. There is always something new to see. When I heard that previews of the new FantasyLand in DisneyWorld begin November 19th, it was all I could do to keep from immediately buying plane tickets. (Breathe in, breathe out.)

#4 We always have a good time. I’ve been in Florida when it’s too hot (avoid June!) and I’ve been in DisneyLand during rain (we wore ponchos and made extra trips back to our room). It’s still a blast. We love the food, we love the characters, we love the parades and the swimming pools and the rides. Sigh. 

I am not rich. I have to save and plan like everyone else. (Even if I get sent to Disney for work, I pay to take the family along.) I have a coworker and a couple of Facebook friends who also keep getting drawn back to Disney, which makes me feel like less of a freak. Here in New York City, it’s much more chic to spend vacations in Europe, or at a cottage in Vermont. But I’ll take a Disney trip over anything else. Who’s with me?! 

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