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Spankin’ New Headlines

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

News Image NEW One in five kids had flu-like symptoms this month, according to a CDC survey. Washington Post

Costume shopping this weekend? Take care when choosing face paint. USA Today

Pregnant women must read! Get your H1N1 shot. New York Times

Boys vs. girls. Sex can affect the outcome of twin pregnancies, finds a new study. HealthDay

Car seats are a safety must, in the car, but outside the car they can pose dangers. Reuters

Want a pet? Don’t mess with small turtles. Yahoo! News

Fewer calories, less sodium, more veggies. An Institute of Medicine panel calls for an overhaul to the school lunch program. Los Angeles Times

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Be in Parents: Scrambling For After-School Child Care?

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

3877247637_c44d0a987c Has the bad economy—layoffs, pay cuts, increased work hours—forced changes in your child care arrangements? If
you're scrambling to cover child care, especially in the critical after
school hours, we'd like to hear how you are coping or what hard
decisions you have had to make.
Maybe your child care program has lost funding, is operating with reduced services or has long wait lists. Maybe
you have changed your work hours or split shifts with a spouse. Or
maybe you have had to give up child care because it is too expensive
and are now trying to cobble together other options.

Please email if you have a story to share, and put "Parents
Magazine" in the subject line.

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Spankin’ New Headlines

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

News Image NEW Check your medicine cabinets: You might want to hold off on this popular cold remedy—and read up on homeopathic solutions. Yahoo! News

Families are spending less time together, a new poll finds, and it looks like technology may be partly to blame. Chicago Sun-Times

The challenge: Getting girls to sign up for sports. New York Times

Are you scaling back on your kids’ summer plans? Many families are. CNN

Lice! What camps are doing to keep them at bay. USA Today

Heading to the pool this weekend? You’ll want to read these water-safety tips. Health Day

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Spankin’ New Headlines

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

News Image NEW Want to watch me give birth? Why some moms post videos of their delivery on YouTube. New York Times

It’s surprisingly common for new dads to feel blasé about their babies. ABC News

The World Health Organization has raised the swine flu alert level to pandemic. CNN

Keeping the tradition alive: Why so many home-schooled parents choose the same education for their own children. The Philadelphia Inquirer

Missouri family shocked to find their Christmas card photo featured in a Czech advertisement. Yahoo! News

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Spankin’ New Headlines

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

News Image NEW Whooping cough makes a comeback as parents skip vaccines. USA Today

As Sesame Street turns 40, a look back at the show that changed the face of children’s programming. Newsweek

If you’re pregnant and obese, you should only be gaining between 11 and 20 pounds, according to updated guidelines from the Institute of Medicine. ABC News

Mike Tyson's tragic loss highlights the need for parents to watch out for these hidden dangers in their homes. CNN

You probably know your baby’s Apgar store, but do you know anything about the doctor behind it?  Wall Street Journal

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Spankin’ New Headlines

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

News Image NEW The strange forces behind your baby name decisions. Wired

Is it legal for parents to turn to religion rather than medicine for their sick kids? Mother Jones

Taking folic acid for a year before pregnancy can greatly reduce your risk of premature delivery, finds a new study. Los Angeles Times

Chicago takes a stance on BPA, becoming the first city to ban the questionable plastic in baby bottles. Chicago Tribune

Four in ten babies are born to single moms, finds new research from the National Center for Health Statistics. Washington Post

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Spankin’ New Headlines

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

News Image NEW Temporary parents relieve mothers who need a hand to get their lives back on track.The New York Times

What hidden ingredients are lurking in supposedly healthy foods in your kitchen? The Wall Street Journal

The newborn brain: Why your baby is more aware of the world than you are. The Boston Globe

Some schools are thinking of cutting back to a 4-day week to deal with budget crunches. The Los Angeles Times

A bad economy breeds good neighbors: Experts are seeing an uptick in community activities and caring. The Washington Post

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Spankin’ New Headlines

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

News Image NEW Baby-food lessons from chefs? Some parents skip the jarred stuff and get to work in the kitchen. Washington Post

How stressed you are might depend on what state you live in. CNN

10-years post-Columbine: What are schools doing about security? Wall Street Journal

Cash-strapped parents see value in investing in straight teeth for their kids. New York Times

Dealing with kids’ health decisions, no matter how small, can get tricky when parents are divorced. Washington Post

Bedbugs are on the rise and the Environmental Protection Agency is trying to figure out how to stop the pesky biting insects. AP

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