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Parents Daily News Roundup

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Salmonella Cantaloupe Infection Toll Rises to 270
At least 270 people in 26 states have been sickened by two strains of salmonella tied to cantaloupes recalled by an Indiana grower. (via NBC News)

Good Health Helps Grades When Students Hit Puberty
A new study shows that good health helps children with stressful transitions from elementary school to middle school. (via Science Daily)

New York Approves Tougher Regulations on Circumcision
The city’s Board of Health passed a regulation that will require consent from parents before Jewish ritual circumcisers can use their mouths to draw blood away from the incision. (via Reuters)

Keeping Mom and Baby Together After Delivery Beneficial
A new review backs up the WHO/UNICEF initiative of “rooming in,” or keeping mom and her newborn in the same room 24/7 to encourage breastfeeding. (via Science Daily)

Mixed Grades For New, Healthy School Lunch Rules
Leaner, greener school lunches served under new federal standards are getting mixed reviews from students piling more carrots, more apples and fewer fatty foods on their trays. (via AP)

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1/1/11: Our New Year’s Baby

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Couples may be actively trying for an 11/11/11 due date, but the truth is that the coolest birth date of them all was taken, by none other than my own sweet new daughter Yael, born on New Year’s Day, 1/1/11.

Though she wasn’t due until 1/11/11, an awesome due date in and of itself, Stephanie had been having contractions on and off for a few days in late December. During a quiet New Year’s Eve dinner at home with our 4-year-old Adira and next-door-neighbor Claudia, Stephanie announced that this was It, the real thing, labor. As luck would have it, Claudia had previously agreed to stay with Adira when the time came, so we got our stuff together and headed out.

I’ll say this for a New Year’s Eve labor: the Labor & Delivery floor was quiet, and the nurses were in a festive mood (and wearing goofy New Year’s hats). They confirmed that Stephanie was, indeed, in labor. And things picked up for a while there. Contractions came quicker and were more intense. We were on our way.

Until it seemed like we weren’t. By morning on New Year’s Day, the contractions had all but stopped and we began to think we’d be having a Jan. 2 baby. By evening, we were dejected, exhausted, and wondering who would stay with Adira for that second night. Stephanie’s OB recommended a sedative so she could sleep for a few hours and regain her energy. He even suggested I go home to get some rest myself and sort out the childcare situation. “You have at least two hours, probably three or more,” he assured me. (more…)

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