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Ask Maxwell

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Parents’ has a new contributing editor in the house! Meet Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder of the popular interior design website Apartment Therapy and father of 5-year-old-daughter Ursula.

To say this dad knows a thing or two about home design is an understatement. Through his professional design service, website, and best-selling books, Maxwell’s design advice has inspired millions of people who, like Parents’ readers, need help creating more organized, functional spaces for their families. Maxwell’s design philosophy is simple; he focuses on the best ways to make homes more comfortable and clutter-free.

Whether your kids’ toys are taking over your living room (aren’t they always?), you’re in need of color inspiration for the family room, or you’re ready to turn the nursery into a big kid bedroom for your growing child, Maxwell is here to help!

For a chance to have your home design question answered by Maxwell in an upcoming issue of Parents, visit or simply leave your question in the comments of this post.

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