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A New Use for Mud

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Adobe2 Last week, I was clicking over at ohdeedoh, and my heart just about melted when I came across a post on building mud-brick houses. I loved making mud pies and building fairy houses as a kid—if I'd known the secret to making mud bricks (hint: add some grass to the mud and then pack it into an ice cube tray) I'm sure I would have gone nuts with them too.

Bricks Got a little builder or mud-fiend in your backyard? For detailed instructions (and other fun outdoorsy projects and activities you can enjoy with your kids), check out the original post on the Imagine Childhood blog.

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Springtime Ice Cream Flower Pots

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

The Pioneer Woman Cooks is one of my favorite food blogs. Ree, the hostess of the joint, is the unpretentious master chef for her rancher husband and her hungry kids. Her site is, coincidently, the home of my favorite guilty pleasure sandwich. Just the thought of that sandwich makes my lizard brain revert back to Neanderthal times. Grrrrrrrr. ME HUNGRY!

This month, she came up with the feminine foil to those manly steak sandwiches: Springy Flower Pot Desserts. No, that ain’t dirt—that’s Oreo deliciousness. And under that chocolatey soil lays layers of ice cream and pound cake.

It’s an elegant-looking dessert, but it’s very simple to put together. It’s the perfect dessert for a daughter’s spring-time birthday party. (And at the very least, this recipe has to be better than Ree’s Ethel Merman impersonation.)

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The Greenest Calendar Ever?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Yes, I know it’s already January 9th, but if no one gave you a desk calendar over the holidays, check out cute and clever "plantable" calendar from Botanical Paperworks. Each month’s sheet is embedded with wildflower seeds, so once the month is up, you can plant it and enjoy! Not in the market for a calendar? They also sell plantable cards, gift tags, and more. Love it!

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Funky (and Budget-Friendly) Gifts

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

At a teeny bit shy of age 32, I know I’m kind of old to be shopping at Urban Outfitters, but they’re currently winning over my inner teenager with their adorable (and pretty affordable) gift selections. Just look at this stuff!


I’d say this is perfect for tweens, but I’d shamelessly display this in my house, too. $26.

I will never get tired of all things cupcake-related. I hope all my friends feel the same way because they’re all getting this lip balm set for Christmas. $10.


Even your black-thumbed friends can probably keep these pretty micro terrariums in bloom. $6 each.

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Strawberry Fields Forever (or for another month or so)

Friday, June 15th, 2007

StrawberryFor most of the country it’s strawberry season and picking your own is really fun (plus if you are a regular reader of Goodyblog you know it’s a perfect mashup of my current obsession with eating locally grown food). So here’s a great site to find a place to pick your own. I just want to point out that berry picking is great for really little kids ’cause unlike apple picking being close to the ground is a huge advantage! And one digression: I once went pumpkin picking with my kid. After spending hours in the field choosing our perfect pumpkins, the guy was weighing them and I suddenly realized that they hadn’t been attached to the ground. Now as a city girl, I wasn’t exactly sure how pumpkins grew, but I felt like there had to be some kind of attachment system. So, I asked the pumpkin guy (not wanting to seem really dumb in case this was some widely known fact about how pumpkins grew) and he said that actually they just took already picked pumpkins and laid them out in the field, and I was the first person to say anything about it. Hmmm. At first I was appalled and thought of contacting the local newspaper, but then I thought: well what difference does it really make, you pick something you choose something as long as you have fun doing it! Link thanks to consumerist.

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Power Plant

Monday, May 21st, 2007

PetplantcuNo lie, there are actually live plants inside these little key chains. I saw them at cutable—apparently they are the UK "It" gizmo right now. I verified this by trying to find somewhere you could buy them in the U.S.A. Thankfully, I did, but cutable is right they are available like weeds across the pond. My nine-year-old loves having key chains jangling off his back pack (he has oh, thousands of them). This would be a very springy addition.


You can get them right here. And you only have to water once a month.

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