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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Bespoke Custom Gifts Prize Pack Sweepstakes

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

The early years of parenthood are the sweetest, with giggling babies that smell yummy and do the cutest things. Sure, you forget what your bed looks like and your laundry pile barely fits in your home, but those complaints don’t compare to the happiness that your new baby brings. The real problem with this stage is how fleeting it is. The face that they make when they try ice cream for the first time will only happen once, as will their first step, and first word. Soon enough, they’ll be toddlers, throwing their Cheerios on the floor and emptying your kitchen cabinets. So take a million pictures, write every thing down, and comment below to enter this contest.

Two lucky readers will win a Bespoke Custom Gifts Prize Pack which includes a gorgeous  4”x6” tabletop frame that displays both a tiny handprint or footprint print and photo. The print is made using a lightweight, mess-free impression material so it’ll be quick and easy.

You’ll also get a ribbon-bound baby book that contains 24 fill-in pages  such as “How Mom and Dad met,” “How we picked your name,” “The Big Day” and more. The book includes a vellum envelope to capture clippings from baby’s first haircut and other mementos.

Increase your chances by leaving up to one comment a day between today and Wednesday, August 7th, and start saving memories.

Read the official rules here. Goody luck!


Congratulations to our winners Jada M. Pena and Brittany Lewis!

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