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Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Breastfeeding Boosts Kids’ Brains
Australian researchers found that babies mainly breastfed for at least six months went on to score significantly higher in academic tests at the age of ten, especially boys. (Medical News Today)

Brain Scans Predict Dyslexia Improvements
cientists using brain scanning technologies say they have been able to predict with 90% accuracy which children with dyslexia will be able to improve reading skills over a period of a few years. Researchers say their findings reveal activity in specific brain regions during reading that could eventually lead to new treatments for people with dyslexia. (Web MD)

Phillip R Greaves II arrested for selling pedophile how-to book – video
Phillip Greaves, who wrote a book on how to molest children, was arrested at his Pueblo, Colorado home today for selling his book to a Florida police officer. (


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