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American Baby Bests: Vote for Cribs and Sheets!

Monday, March 4th, 2013

The centerpiece of every nursery is the crib. Do you have one that you love? What about a brand of cute crib sheets? Vote for your favorites, then leave a comment below. In your comment you can tell us which exact crib (including color!) and sheet (including pattern!) wins your approval. We’ll pick one random commenter to win the newest version of the Bumbo seat, worth $40. Here are the rules for winning the Bumbo seat. (Note that you can only leave one comment per day to be eligible, between now and the end of March). Don’t forget to also register to win our $250 gift card. Thanks, designing Mama!

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Trade in Old Baby Stuff for New

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

I feel caught sometimes between being the mom who would totally accept a secondhand crib (it saves a couple hundred bucks…and keeps a big piece of furniture out of the landfill) and being the editor who knows that baby hand-me-downs can be unsafe (there’s a reason why my local Salvation Army won’t take baby gear). Cribs are meant to be assembled only once, and so if you’re using a crib that’s been taken apart and put together a couple of times, it’s likely not secure. Add to that the millions of recalled cribs in the past five years and the only conclusion you can reach is that a new crib is your safest bet.

The same is said of car seats and strollers. I’m sure that most second- and third-born kids get their big sibling’s hand-me-down, but if you can afford to buy new, I can attest that the safety features get more sophisticated every year. The side-impact protection on today’s infant car seats is like nothing that existed three years ago. And after a rash of stroller-folding accidents, many of those are now built differently as well.

So if you’ve got old stuff you wish could be new, Babies “R” Us and Toys “R” Us are hosting their Great Trade-In Event. You bring in an old piece of baby gear that you’re wary of, and exchange it for 25 percent off a new item from Baby Trend, Chicco, Evenflo, Graco or S1 by Safety 1st. They’re swapping stuff such as playards and highchairs too. It starts Friday August 24th and ends on Sunday September 16th, and is available at all their stores nationwide. Read everything about it here. Yes, unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you’re getting things free…just at a discount. Not as attractive as free. But the gear is safer! And safer is better than free.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Standing While Pregnant ‘May Slow Fetal Growth’
Researchers found that women who stood for the majority of time at work had babies whose heads were around 1cm smaller than average. (via BBC News)

Baby’s Birth Captured by MRI
German researchers have used Magnetic Resonance Imaging to peer inside a woman’s body during labor, a medical first that sheds light on the birth process. The researchers created the 30-second movie using cinematic MRI, a technique that strings together snapshots from deep inside the body. (via ABC News)

New Rule Aims to Prevent Deaths in Play Yards, Mesh Cribs
The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to enact a tough new safety rule for play yards. The rule tightens testing for durability and stability, sets a minimum height requirement for the sides, and requires locking mechanisms to keep the products from collapsing on children. (via USA Today)

Continued Infertility Treatments Drive Pregnancy Success
Women in their 30s and 40s who undergo multiple infertility treatments may be nearly as likely to deliver a baby as women who conceive naturally, according to new research. (via ABC News)

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Crib Bumpers Now Banned in Chicago

Friday, September 9th, 2011

ss_101128633The babies of Chicago just got a little bit safer. Yesterday, the Windy City became the first to ban the sale of crib bumper pads due to the suffocation hazards they are known to pose, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Though bumpers are commonly marketed as stylish nursery decor, recent history indicates they are, in fact, a serious threat and can easily block a baby’s ability to breath. In fact, according to the Tribune, the  National Center for Child Death Review has received 14 reports of infant suffocation due to the presence of a bumper pad in the past 3 years.

City Council members James Balcer, and  George Cardenas said they are eager to get the message out that these popular accessories simply aren’t safe. “If we were to wait for federal regulators, it probably would never get done,” Balcer said. “We have a responsibility here as government to address issues like this.”

Indeed, Federal regulators have resisted taking a firm stance on the safety of bumper pads, and are reportedly ”trying to determine if there is a scientific link between bumper pads and suffocations, or if factors such as blankets, pillows or medical issues played a primary role in babies’ deaths.”  In fact, as we reported in March, the Tribune identified 17 cases of infant deaths that the Consumer Product Safety Commission failed to investigate when they were fully-aware that crib bumper pads played roles in the fatalities.

At the end of the day, most experts seem to agree, there should only be two things in your baby’s crib: a firm, tight-fitting mattress and a crib sheet. “It’s tempting to make it look cute and cozy with lots of blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows, but they’re all suffocation hazards for kids under 1 year old,” says Meri-K Appy, president of the Home Safety Council. The bottom line: the suffocation risk of bumper pads outweighs their benefits.

Share your thoughts on Chicago’s banning of crib bumpers. Are you hoping your city follows suit?

Read more about nursery safety, below, and be sure to keep up with the latest product recalls with our helpful Recall Finder on

Safe-Sleep Guide for Baby

The Safe Nursery

Repurpose Your Crib Bumpers

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CPSC Has Not Investigated 17 Deaths Involving Crib Bumpers

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

ss_09016aThe Consumer Product Safety Commission failed to investigate 17 cases of infant deaths when they were fully-aware that crib bumper pads, a popular nursery product, played roles in the fatalities, reports today’s Chicago Tribune.

According to the Tribune’s breaking news report, the CPSC is currently deciding whether bumpers pose suffocation risks, but have disturbingly avoided investigating all of deaths they have on record involving the padded crib liners. Medical examiners and coroners have confirmed that bumper pads were indeed involved in the aforementioned 17 deaths by suffocation the agency has on file.

The CPSC claims these deaths cannot be entirely attributed to bumpers because of other items that may have been in the child’s crib at the time of death. According to the Tribune, Commission spokesman Scott Wolfson said officials are examining if there is a scientific link between bumper pads and suffocations, or if factors such as blankets, pillows or medical issues played a primary role in the babies’ deaths.

 One might argue the defensiveness of an agency, who claims it’s mission is to protect consumers from hazardous products, seems strangely lacksidaisical regarding this matter, despite urging from the  American Academy of Pediatrics and other parental safety groups to take a firmer stance. 

“If the baby was found with the face smushed up against the bumper pad, then I don’t understand the relevance of the pillow or the blanket,” said Dr. Rachel Moon, a pediatrician at Children’s National Medical Center and researcher for the American Academy of Pediatrics.

While identifying bumpers as the sole cause of death in these instances may be difficult, isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Dr. Marion Burton, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, seems to think so. He feels, “federal regulators don’t need to base safety considerations on ’cause and effect,’ a high bar to meet scientifically, when there is a strong association between bumper pads and suffocations.”

He concludes, “It’s a potential hazard, so don’t have it in the child’s environment. I can’t think of any reason to have them.”

Do you think it’s better to be safe than sorry and avoid bumpers entirely or do you feel the popular products cannot be fully blamed in these cases and a deeper investigation is warranted? Tell us where you stand.

Be sure to keep up with the very latest on recalls with our helpful Recall Finder on

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Infant Deaths, Injuries Associated with Nursery Products up Sharply in 2009

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Faulty infant carriers, cribs, high chairs and other nursery products caused a 21% spike in injuries last year, Consumer Ally reported today on

Regulators estimated there were 77,300 emergency-room visits related to products aimed at children younger than 5 years old, compared with 63,700 in 2008, the CPSC said in a recent study.

“The numbers in nearly all these categories are far too high,” said CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson. “It speaks to why we have new rules in place for two juvenile products and why we are pushing so hard to have new standards for cribs in place by the end of this year.”

Infant carriers, car seat carriers, cribs and mattresses, strollers, carriages and high chairs are associated with nearly three quarters of the injuries, with falls the leading cause. Keep up with the very latest on recalls with our helpful Recall Finder and for more details on this story, see Mitch Lipka’s full Consumer Ally report.

Have you had the upsetting and unfortunate experience of dealing with a recalled product for your little one?

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