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Where to Find an Anna or Elsa Dress

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

When we heard that Frozen princess dresses have been selling out in Disney World each day, it got us wondering…are they really so hard to find? The most gorgeous, premium Anna and Elsa dresses are now on, the site behind the Wishcraft catalog. However, they’re not shipping yet and they won’t be cheap. The Elsa dress shown is $130; the Anna is $124 and when we looked, neither would be available until the end of August in smaller sizes. The size-10 Anna coronation dress looks to be backordered through the end of October!

Less-expensive has pared-down Elsa and Anna frocks, backordered until just after Labor Day. Their Elsa is $38, and Anna is $40.

On to the Disney Store, and…they don’t have the dresses yet either, but nice ones are coming. We saw the two shown below, Anna’s with the cape and Elsa’s with cool ombre sleeves, at their fall preview. AND they are going to have an Olaf costume! No word on exactly when they’ll all hit shelves, but they’ll be about $50 each.

In the meantime, there are $30 dresses for both sister characters at Toys “R” Us and at other mass merchants. Fair warning, the user reviews are brutal. (As in, “The tulle sleeves are like sandpaper.”) But desperate times may call for desperate measures, scratchy sleeves and all. Or try and teach your little princess the virtue of patience!

Heading to the Magic Kingdom? Your kids may be more interested in meeting the celebrities characters than the rides! Watch our video.

Disney's Magic Kingdom: Beyond the Rides
Disney's Magic Kingdom: Beyond the Rides
Disney's Magic Kingdom: Beyond the Rides

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Princess Party Pack from Just Pretend Kids

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

They say playing dress-up starts when you’re a little girl and it never truly ends. From the plastic heels in our dress-up box we received at Christmas, to the outfits and accessories that were passed down to us, many of us understand wanting to act and look like a princess!

Just Pretend Kids (a division of Wyla Inc.) is giving away a Sweetheart Princess Party Pack to ONE lucky winner, an approximate $106 value. This Deluxe Party Box,(which is an upcoming product from the brand available in July!) for a total of eight guests, includes: a Sweetheart Pink Princess costume, invitations, 9″ plates, 7″ plates, napkins, a table cover, 9 oz. cups, and cutlery. Save it for her next birthday, or surprise her with a party playdate this summer. Let her dress the part and invite you to tea!

To enter, leave a comment below, up to one a day between today and the end of the day June 25. More Qs about our giveaway? Read the official rules. Be sure to check back on June 26 and scroll to the bottom of the post to see who won. We reach out to winners via Facebook message (it goes into your “other” message folder on Facebook), so if you win, look for us there as well. Goody luck!

And if you know you’ll be shopping for some dress-up clothes, especially for Halloween, trying following Just Pretend Kids on Facebook.

Congrats to our winner, Holly Reifke! Please check your “other” message folder on Facebook!

Want tips and tricks on how to make a delicious (and beautiful) birthday cake?

Fun Cakes for Kids
Fun Cakes for Kids
Fun Cakes for Kids

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Halloween Costumes, Up to 40% Off!

Monday, October 7th, 2013

Stumped about what your babe or big kid should wear this Oct. 31? Then head over to Shop Parents, where we’ve round up the best Halloween costumes for your trick-or-treater no matter what his age or taste. Best yet: Many of the outfits are up to 40 percent off. So go on, have a boo-tiful time!

• To infinity, and beyond! Your little guy will have a great time getting there as Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear.

• Part princess and part magician, Oz’s Glinda the Good is the best of both worlds. Her costume, a mix of sparkles, satiny fabric, and ruffles, is just as stellar.

• The Wolverine is great, but we prefer our superheroes to be old-school like Batman, the original Caped Crusader!

• Sure, she’s sweet. Especially when she’s dressed in the pink wig, red polka dots, and striped tights of Strawberry Shortcake.

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Win a $200 Chasing Fireflies Wish Card (Think…Halloween!!!)

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

If your family is anything like mine, you’ve started your Halloween preparations. Our October schedule is already filled with trips to haunted houses, pumpkin farms, and spooky festivals. We even added a scary sleepover to the lineup this year, complete with booby traps and scary movies. And for the main event: trick or treating in contest-worthy costumes.

This year, my daughter will be a minion, I plan on being Waldo (you know—Where’s Waldo?), and my husband will probably be a werewolf. Last year, I was Cruella De Vil, my daughter was a Dalmation, and my husband was a werewolf. The year before, I was a clown, my daughter was a bat, and my husband was, you guessed it, a werewolf.  In his defense, that werewolf costume does scare people every year.

And now you can you can coordinate your costumes (and cover the werewolf of the family) with this week’s giveaway!

Leave a comment below, up to one a day, between today and Monday September 30th, and you can win a $200 Chasing Fireflies Wish Card. That’s a lot of costume cash!

Finally, if you’re looking for more Halloween Ideas, do you know we have a 100 Days of Holidays feature on our site? Expect daily Halloween and fall ideas for the next month, then watch it transition into Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas.

Here are the official rules. Happy planning, and Goody luck!

Congratulations to our winner Katie Bohmann!

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Not ready for Halloween? Neither is Bridget Moynahan!

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

We caught up with the single mom of 4-year-old Jack at the launch of the new Let’s Rock! Elmo toy, in New York City, where she accepted a donation on behalf of the charity Baby Buggy.

Do you have any Halloween plans yet?Bridget
Bridget Moynahan: Oh my gosh, no! I don’t even know what I’m doing ten minutes from now. What, do you think I’m organized?!

Well, you do look very organized!
BM: I’ll say that I bet he’ll be a Star Wars figure for Halloween. But don’t put pressure on me about the holidays! Honestly. I planned his birthday party about two days in advance.

When was his birthday?
BM: In August. There was a Star Wars theme. He’s already got some stuff. Maybe we’ll keep him on the same theme for a couple of years, so I can recycle!

What was the progression of the obsessions with 4-year-old Jack? Did he start with Elmo?
BM: He did! He had the Tickle Me Elmo. So that was a big thing in the house for awhile. And he still watches Sesame Street. So there’s that but…he’s a boy.

How did he get into Star Wars? Does he watch Clone Wars?
BM: It was me. I got him into it.

Are you a closet Star Wars fan?
BM: I’m not a closet Star Wars fan. I’m pretty much out.

We’ll look for you as Princess Leia!
BM: I will be!

Halloween costume ideas from

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Costume Countdown…

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

In case your kids haven’t reminded you countless times already today, Halloween is just around the corner! But don’t be scared if you’re still lacking in the costume department. Our ideas for last-minute homemade costumes will help you whip up a DIY disguise in no time.

What are your kids dressing up as this year for Halloween? Did you buy or make the costume? Share your great ideas so other moms can help their little ghouls look just as good!

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How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes for 2010

Monday, October 25th, 2010

Avatar Jake Sully Halloween costumeUh oh. Halloween’s around the corner and you still don’t have any Halloween costumes for your family.    

We love the affordable, easy, and do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas available at, the website for a national chain store that specializes in secondhand and gently-used clothes and accessories.

For parents who can’t make it to Savers locations to meet costume consultants, the website has printable costume and makeup tutorials on how to create unique, inexpenPrincess Halloween costumesive, and memorable Halloween looks for everyone from parents to pets. 

By following the simple costume shopping lists and step-by-step makeup instructions, the whole family can be transformed into popular characters from “Avatar,” “Toy Story 3,” or “Sesame Street.” There are also handy tutorials on creating annual Halloween costume favorites such as superheroes and princesses in addition to creating a Steampunk costume, a trend that combines elements of the Victorian era with science fiction.

For budget-conscious families, parents can still save money and time without sacrificing style and personality.  Plus, saving on Halloween costumes for 2010 will mean having enough on the side to plan for next year!

Get inspired by other Halloween costume ideas on

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