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Sesame Street and Cookie Monster Spoof “Call Me Maybe”

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

The popularity of Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe” is undeniable. Jepsen’s original video for the song has been seen almost 150 million times on YouTube and it has spawned countless spoofs.

But just when we thought we had seen all of the “Call Me Maybe” parodies of note, Cookie Monster surprised us with his own take on the summer anthem: “Share Me Maybe.”

We love Cookie’s singing and dancing skills, but we’re most impressed that he remembers the importance of sharing — a difficult skill for monsters and toddlers. Great job, Cookie!

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Elmo’s Birthday Party

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

I just took my son Grant, 3, to Elmo’s Birthday Party at the Sesame Street Workshop today here in New York City. Elmo claims that he is 3 1/2 today (he even had a cake with 3 big candles and one short one), but I think he’s around 10. (Anyone out there keeping count?) In any case, the party was really to celebrate Elmo’s newest DVD: Elmo’s World: Elmo’s Favorite Things which is in stores on Tuesday. At the party, we got a sneak peek. It’s Elmo as you love him, hanging out with Dorothy, Mr. Noodle (actually, Mr. Noodle’s brother, Mr. Noodle) and his kid friends and the subject is, what else: birthdays. Grant laughed out loud like he’d never seen an Elmo episode before — curiously, at home he says he’s too old for Elmo. As far as I’m concerned, you are never too old for Elmo. Love that little red monster. Speaking of monsters, at the party there were two balloon genius whipping up Sesame Street characters for the kiddos. Grant asked for Cookie Monster — check it out. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Elmo made an appearance at the end — the actual muppet himself with I assume Kevin Clash, his puppeteer behind the podium Elmo was sitting on — and Grant was shocked. “Elmo is real, Mommy? I didn’t believe Elmo real!” I said, “Now do you believe?”

“Yes, yes! I believe!”



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Cookie Monster Wants to Host ‘SNL’!

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

CookieMonster-for-SNLIt worked for Betty White, so now, inevitably, comes the next celebrity’s Facebook campaign to get invited to host Saturday Night Live.” This time, it comes from a star somewhat younger but no less funny than the esteemed Ms. White–our favorite pastry-guzzling blue Sesame Street resident, Cookie Monster.

He’s taken all the right steps to announce his candidacystarting with the requisite Facebook group, called, fittingly enough, ”Cooking Monster Should Host Saturday Night Live.” And he’s posted a hilarious audition video, which you can watch on the Facebook group page, in which he tries his hand at several SNL staples, including a monologue (of sorts), sketches, and Weekend Update. He’s even appointed himself musical guest host, too, in the guise of Cookie Gaga. 

After starring on the same show for 41 years and counting, we agree that it’s time for Cookie Monster to get some SNL love. Watch the video and ”like” the group here.

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