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Is Facebook Anti-Breastfeeding?

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Members of a certain breastfeeding group on the site would argue that they certainly seem to have issues with women feeding their children naturally. 

With a following of around 9,500 fans The Leaky B@@b Facebook page acts as a support network for breastfeeding moms, enabling them to ask questions, share advice and simply connect with one another. Facebook chose to delete the popular group over the weekend, claiming that their photos of  breastfeeding mothers violated their Terms of Service.

In response, outraged members of the group formed 2 new groups on the site: Bring Back the Leaky Boob – again. and TLB Support. The pages quickly garnered more than 10,000 ’likes’ before being deleted by Facebook administrators. This led Jessica Martin-Weber, founder and editor of the breastfeeding support group to deliver a statement to Facebook, asking they restore the group and re-evaluate the way breastfeeding photos be viewed.

Facebook did reinstate the page but, unfortunately, many group members’ personal photos and pages were lost after the initial deletion. Even worse, the implication that Facebook views breastfeeding as obscene. Just this morning, Martin-Weber posted: Last night and this morning I had photos deleted for violating the TOS. If this happens enough times my personal account is in trouble. This is why getting our page reinstated is not enough, I want Facebook to do more to prove they are not anti-women. Have you had breastfeeding photos deleted recently?

A member of the group echoed that statement with the following post: This is my new status message: Facebook has always had issue with both breastfeeding mothers and pregnant moms showing off their baby bumps or posting BF pics. Now they seem to have waged war deleting accounts, groups and pages left and right that have anything to do with it – some that didn’t even post pictures. If you …are a proud Mama please change your icon to a tasteful BF pic or baby bump pic in support of those fighting FB right now.

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you think it’s appropriate for women to post photos of themselves breastfeeding on social sites like Facebook? We are eager to hear your opinions!

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