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So Good, So Sweet: Vote for Your Favorite Moment

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

KFC ContestRaising children brings with it a lot of memorable moments: first steps, first words, and countless other events that are video camera-worthy.

But what about the moments that don’t fit in the memory book? KFC has asked mom bloggers to share their most inspiring and unexpected parenting moments. From fishing in the driveway to petting a horse, these bloggers have written stories about memories that might have otherwise been forgotten.

We want to know which “So Good, So Sweet” moment is your favorite. Cast your vote for your top choice and you’ll be entered for a chance to win 1 of 5 great prizes: chef services, personal organizer, house cleaning, American Express Gift Card and Flip Video UltraHD Camera.

Official Sweepstakes Rules
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2012 CLIF Kid Backyard Game of the Year Contest

Friday, April 13th, 2012

It’s time to get your kids off the computers, Wiis, and cell phones and outside kicking soccer balls, swinging, and playing tag. Good old-fashioned outside play needs to make a comeback. On average, kids have eight hours less of outdoor playtime than their parents did. The folks behind CLIF Kid recognize the importance of outdoor play and are doing their part to help with their 2012 CLIF Kid Backyard Game of the Year program. “This contest tapped into something that kids need, which is inspiration to get outdoors,” said Jennifer Yun, CLIF Kid brand strategist.

Kids ages 6 to 12 are challenged to create a unique backyard game for the chance to win big. Six finalists will be flown to San Francisco in July 2012 to show off their new games with one being chosen for the grand prize: a $10,000 educational scholarship, Marin Bike’s kid’s bike, and a Bell kid’s bike helmet. The other five finalists will each receive a $1,000 educational scholarship along with the bike and helmet.

Here are the ground rules and instructions for entering: Each game must be able to be played outside with two or more players. Bonus points for game creators who use equipment such as balls, hula-hoops, and chairs. Some past game innovations include Hoop Ball, a rolling-target game; and Eagle’s Nest, a strategic tag game. “The contest focuses on not just getting the kids outdoors, but the positive benefits of nature long after,” said Richard Louv, best-selling author and Chief Outdoor Officer for the CLIF Kid Backyard Game of the Year. Sign-ups end on June, 17, 2012, so be sure to tell your kiddos about the contest and fill out the application here.

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Win Up to $500 in the Elmer’s Teacher Tool Kit Grant Program

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

The Kids In Need Foundation, a non-profit with the mission to provide free school supplies to students in need, has partnered with Elmer’s Products Inc. for its second annual teacher grants program.  The Elmer’s Teacher Tool Kit grant will award 250 grants, ranging from $100-$500, to various K-12 teachers across the nation who conduct classroom projects selected from a catalog of over 500 projects.   Grants will be awarded based on these three criteria:

  • financial need
  • description of how the particular project meets the educational needs of the students and satisfies the state standards or curriculum requirements of the school
  • the number of students who will benefit from the project

Read more details and click on the application at

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Congratulations to Our Raise a Reader 2011 School Contest Winner!

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Our 2011 Raise a Reader program ran from November 7, 2011 – January 30, 2012.  Schools across the U.S. got their kids involved in tracking their extracurricular reading minutes.

We are happy to announce the grand-prize winner of the contest: St. Aloysius on-the-Ohio Elementary School in Cincinnati, Ohio!  For its outstanding achievement in getting students involved in reading, St. Aloysius will receive $5,000 to be used toward their school library.

St. Aloysius on-the-Ohio Elementary School is a small school situated along the scenic Ohio River valley in the historic Sayler Park Area of Cincinnati.   The students enjoy a safe, nurturing environment that encourages mutual respect and self-discipline.

Both students and teachers enjoyed participating in the program.  Third-grader Connor shared, “I read all the time and the contest made it even more fun,” while eighth-grader Savannah said, “Reading makes kids smarter and gives them time to be with their parents.  Without the library, I don’t know what I would do.”

The school also has a proven track record of academic excellence for the past 137 years, and strong family values and family involvement is a key ingredient for its successes.  “Our librarian encourages the students to develop a love of reading all types of books.  The students love to compete against others and themselves.  It is amazing to see what a small group of avid readers is able to achieve.  The students love to say, ‘We are small but we are mighty.’  Winning is proof of that,” says Regina Hornback, a teacher at St. Aloysius.

Congratulations to the students and teachers at St. Aloysius on-the-Ohio Elementary School!

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Win a Cooking Lesson with Celebrity Chef Cat Cora

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Cat Cora

Cooking with your kids is a great way to teach them about the importance of healthy eating, but we know it’s not always easy to find the time and energy to do so.

Which is exactly why you and your child should enter Loukoumi’s Secret Ingredient Recipe Contest! The contest is part of the release of Nick Katsoris’s latest book, Loukoumi’s Celebrity Cookbook (which we’ve already raved about). Children between the ages of 4 and 12 simply submit their favorite recipe and why they love it in 10 words or less. One child will win a private cooking lesson with celebrity chef Cat Cora.

The contest is accepting submissions until March 1. Download the contest entry form and enter today!

Read more about Cat Cora on

Image of Cat Cora courtesy of Nick Katsoris
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Win a Trip to New Orleans!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Looking for an awesome surprise for your valentine? We can help! Just in time for Valentine’s Day (and Mardi Gras!), we’re teaming up with Zatarain’s to send one reader and his or her sweetheart on a romantic trip for two to New Orleans. One lucky winner and guest will score a two-night stay in the French Quarter at Omni Royal New Orleans, $1,000 coach airfare vouchers, a $250 gift card to one of Chef John Besh’s exclusive restaurants for a VIP dining experience in the Big Easy, and a Zatarain’s prize pack! To enter to win, post a comment below in the comments section from now until 11:59 EST on February 6. For full contest rules, click here. Make sure to visit Zatarain’s Facebook page or Twitter feed @MyZatarains. And Goody Luck!





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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Get an American Girl Bitty Baby!

Friday, November 25th, 2011

I have a lot of experience with American Girl dolls. I have a 9-year-old daughter, work a few blocks from American Girl Place in New York City, and am, apparently, a sucker. It stared with a “Just Like Me Doll,” which Grace wanted for her 6th birthday. I loved the idea, until I realized she was asking for a $100 doll. And that any given outfit for the doll was going to cost $20 to $30, which is what I spend on an outfit for my actual daughter. But I consulted with a neighbor whose girl is the same age, and heard all the good reasons to drink the American Girl Kool-Aid: The dolls are well-made, the girls understand that they’re special, and maybe most importantly, once girls are older than 5, the number of toys they really want dwindles rapidly. It’s nice to have them still want a toy, you know?

So we got the doll, and Grace named her Hollyfield, which is one of Grace’s middle names. Hollyfield has held up well over the past few years. And still gets played with! This past weekend, Grace totally scored a wheelchair for Hollyfield from some friends, who were holding a yard sale of American Girl stuff. I found out about it because their mom posted a notice on Facebook. A friend commented something along the lines of, “It’s so sad when they outgrow their American Girls.” And the mom posted back, “Oh no, they’re selling old American Girl stuff so that they can buy new American Girl stuff.”

Here’s Hollyfield.

Hollyfield in her new wheelchair

The Christmas after we got Hollyfield, I was doing some television for American Baby magazine (no relation to American Girl dolls!), and had an excuse to call in and feature Kit and Ruth, who are friends in American Girl world. (All the dolls come with books, which help real girls learn stories about them, and a bit of history along the way.) Grace got Kit and Ruth from Santa, and that was thrilling. She took to Kit right away, and I’m going to go ahead and admit that I fell in love with Ruth. I joked that she was “mine” although she lives in Grace’s room. The following Christmas, Grace and I took Hollyfield and Ruth to American Girl Place for stylin’ hairdos, earrings, the works. And here’s my word of warning: That store is great fun, but a money pit. I paid as much for Ruth’s hair styling as I pay for my own blowouts. And the craziest thing is, the store is absolutely packed with parents pretending that spending that kind of money is normal. But. That’s what happens when you fall in love with a doll.

Here’s Ruthie—check out her leather jacket!

My favorite, Ruthie








There have been other trips to American Girl Place. We once went in for $14 doll glasses. Grace insisted Hollyfield needs them, I lied that the doctor checked her eyes and she was fine, Grace wouldn’t let up and saved money for the glasses, and we bought them. They lasted less than a year before they were stepped on and broken. We went to the cafe with her grandparents and had fun (note: They serve alcohol to the grown-ups), we went to the cafe with her friend Natalie and had a blast, and Grace went to a birthday party there too.

Now we’re heading into Christmas 2011, and Grace has announced she’s asking Santa for Cécile Rey, a new American Girl doll who lives in circa-1853 New Orleans with her friend Marie-Grace. I’ll admit, I still had the reaction I had years ago: Do I really have to pay $100 for a doll? But here’s the thing. Grace is 9. This may be the last sweet toy I get to buy for her. And at least she’s not asking for both dolls. I will take a deep breath and buy the doll and secretly kind of love it.

Oh, and I did ask someone at American Girl if there’s ever a way to get a discount. The answer was pretty much no. They have a “sale” section on, but it’s small. If you “like” them on Facebook, you can find out about promotions such as free shipping. But! I went ahead and asked if they’d let us do a giveaway. They’ve agreed to give just one lucky reader a new Bitty Baby, plus the Snowflake dress to go with the doll.

Win a Bitty Baby!

Just leave a comment here on this post by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 30th, to be eligible. You can post once a day. For full rules, click here. Goody luck!







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Enter the Kids’ Science Challenge

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Is your child a budding scientist? Kids in 3rd to 6th grades have the opportunity to enter the Kids’ Science Challenge, an annual nationwide competition created by Jim Metzner (award-winning radio produce of Pulse of the Planet) and funded by The National Science Foundation.

Kids choose one of three science topics and then propose an original idea or experiment that relates to it.  This year, the three topics are Zero Waste, Animal Smarts, and Meals on Mars.

Zero Waste challenges kids to invent a package using materials that will also be recycled and reused and never ends up in a landfill.  Animal Smarts asks kids to design a toy, game, or experiment that will enhance a pet or zoo animal’s life as well as demonstrate its intelligence.  Meals on Mars motivates kids to produce new ways of preserving, cooking, deliver, or produce sustainable food for space travel and for living on the planet Mars.

Three grand prize winners, one or each topic, are then selected and given trips to unique places (e.g. Green Mountain Coffee in Waterbury, Vermont; Oregon Zoo in Portland;  and NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas). Various other prizes will also be awarded, and the first 1,000 kids to enter the contest will also receive a free science kit.

Visit to download an entry form and for more details.  Contest deadline is February 29, 2012.

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