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Did You Know National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is Coming Up?

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

I have two daughters, ages 8 and 5. My girls like to make a lot of lists. Any topic is worthy of a list: colors, teachers, names (not even “favorite names,” mind you–just plain old names). The only time we get into favorites is when the subject turns to food–favorite breakfast, favorite snack, favorite candy, favorite dessert, and favorite ice cream flavor. (I wish I could say fruits and veggies make the cut, but they don’t.) So I’ve had lots of chances to ponder my favorite treat, and I’ve decided that above all else, there’s nothing I love more than a great chocolate chip cookie.

I’m not picky–I’ll eat soft ones, crispy ones, store-bought, homemade, ones with nuts, ones with oatmeal. I thought I’d tried all the permutations until I was introduced to HannahMax Baking Cookie Chips, which are thin, mega-crunchy, and delicious. They’re also somewhat lo-cal, totaling only 120 calories and 6g of fat for 5 cookies (each one’s about the diameter of a Chips Ahoy). Not often I can eat–or serve my kids–five cookies relatively guilt-free. The Cookie Chips team was nice enough to send the Parents staff a big box of all five flavors, which included Cinnamon Sugar, Original Cookie (basically chocolate chip cookies minus the chocolate chips), Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and Sea Salted Peanut Butter. I put them in our kitchen for my colleagues to enjoy, and within minutes all that was left on the counter were flattened bags and an array of crumbs.

Here’s a list of stores that sell Cookie Chips. But starting today and running through May 20, if you buy (only) Chocolate Chip Cookie Chips from the site and enter the promo code BRIBE, you’ll get 20 percent off in honor of holiday I never knew existed, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. I know how I’ll be celebrating this May 15!

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