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Challenge What’s Possible In Your Life With Olay

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Parenting is a full-time job and you may not always have the time to do everything you want. Is there one lifetime goal you’ve always wanted to accomplish?

You might now have the chance!

Olay is celebrating its 60th year by partnering with Go Mighty, a list-creating site, to help women accomplish their biggest goals.

The partnership, Challenge What’s Possible In Your Life, allows women to make a list of the things they’ve always dreamed of doing: scuba diving with sharks in Hawaii, running an 8-minute mile, riding a camel in Australia, going back to school, or even, simply, riding in a limo — you name it, anything goes.

Each week in December, Olay will make it possible for one person to accomplish one thing on her list. This week they’re helping a woman learn American Sign Language. To be considered, all list-makers must tag their goals with ‘Olay.’

Visit to get started!

Image: Happy woman with arms overhead, via Shutterstock

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