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Kid Careers of the Future

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Would you be surprised to hear that kids today are more technologically savvy than ever before? Probably not. But what if we said that your child’s dependence on the Internet is actually affecting the life she’ll someday lead?

According to a survey from the Pew Research Center, today’s kids are learning to rely on the Internet as a second brain, changing the way they’ll approach problems later in life. They belong to an “always on” demographic, dubbed Generation AO, and are growing up in a hyper-connected culture of instant gratification and serious multitasking. Not only are 95% of tweens and teens online, the survey finds, but 76% of them are already using social networks. This rapidly evolving culture is leading experts to believe that tech-wired kids are the key to opportunities and careers we can’t yet fathom.

So how do you prepare your children for jobs they will invent themselves? Well, we’ll let you know when one of them figures that out. But while you’re waiting for your kids to write the future, we’ve stolen a peek at it and found the top 10 careers Generation AO will most likely covet. Of course, this doesn’t mean your child’s dream of becoming a princess or superhero can’t still come true—these just have better salaries.

Image: Little girl using a laptop via Shutterstock.

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