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Poll: 87% of Working Moms Feel Proud, 82% Feel Guilty

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

A new study from iVillage and shows salary reigns supreme when it comes to job priorities among working mothers—even when compared with important factors like a family-friendly work environment and job enjoyment.

This is just one interesting finding from the newly-published 2011 Moms At Work Survey. Overall, the survey paints a picture of the modern mom taking charge in both the office and the home. It seems this woman really can have it all—as long as a personal assistant is thrown into the mix! And interestingly, 70% of the working moms polled would prefer the assistant to help manage the running of their households rather than their work lives. 

Additional results show eight out of ten working mothers “are earning at least half or more of their household’s income.” And the work doesn’t end at the office. According to the poll, more than two-thirds (68%) of working moms are still responsible for the majority of household chores so it comes as no surprise that 90% of them report feeling tired and stressed! 

 ”Unfortunately, what working moms have the least time for is themselves — something to keep in mind as we think of ways to pamper mom on Mother’s Day,” said Kelly Wallace, Chief Correspondent, at iVillage.

The study also found:

  • Women aren’t receiving a passing grade when it comes to healthy habits. 77% agree that juggling work and family makes it hard to live a healthy lifestyle with close to 25% of moms reporting that they are not allowed to get sick!
  • While the good news is that 59% of women surveyed are satisfied with the amount of time spent with their children, almost half, 47%, are not satisfied with the amount of time spent keeping fit/healthy.
  • 23% of working moms polled would welcome increased support from friends and family, and 41% want more support from their husband/partner to make their lives easier.
  • Part-time working moms are closest to achieving work-life balance, with 46% reporting that they are “busy but balanced: I’ve found harmony between work and home,” compared to just 20% of full-time working moms who can say the same.
  • Merely 3 out of 10 women are happy with the amount of time they are able to spend alone with their partners once out of the office.
  • Today’s working mom is more mobile than ever before! 67% of working moms rely on their smart phone to make their lives easier.

If you’re a working mom, how do you juggle the demands of work and home life? Share your solutions for keeping stress levels in check.

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Blossom’s a Mom: Mayim Bialik Acts, Blogs, Pumps

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

MayimBialikThough we may picture child stars in our minds as forever children, stuck at whatever age we watched them in our living rooms on TV, it goes without saying that they move on, even if we don’t. Today we’re using that most obvious of observations to talk about Mayim Bialik, a.ka. Blossom from the NBC sitcom of that name.

Blossom, I mean Mayim, went on from her early ’90s sitcom fame to earn a doctorate in neuroscience. Let’s pause a moment to reflect on that: childhood sitcom star earns a PhD. In neuroscience. Really.

Now Mayim is back to acting, which she decided would actually give her an easier time as a mom than the life of a professional scientist wedded, as it were, to her research. She’s now appearing as a regular on the popular and hilarious sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” I’m sure she’s the only one on set who actually gets the geeky science jokes she and the other actors spew.

But we’re really talking about Mayim today because she’s also a mom, of two young boys, and is blogging about the experience for, a new Jewish parenting website that launched a couple of weeks ago. (Full disclosure: Kveller is run by a website for which I worked in the past as editor-in-chief, and I am on its advisory committee.) (more…)

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