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End the Mommy Wars With Care Cards

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

If you’re as sick of the Mommy Wars as I am, I’ve got something sure to brighten your day: Care Cards. That’s right, we’re going to kill the nastiness of judgmental mommies with kindness–and help kids in need while we’re at it–all without spending a dime.

Here’s the deal: the awesome people over at Johnson’s Baby Cares have launched a collection of empowering, super thoughtful e-cards to cheer on moms who need a little extra boost. (And if you know a mom who doesn’t need a boost . . . well, I’d be surprised!) When you create one, share one, or like one that someone else posted, they’ll donate a dollar to Save the Children–up to $150,000!

If you’re wondering what they’ll do with all that money–the answer is pretty astonishing. They’re giving new parents the tools to raise curious, smart, kids who will not only survive, but thrive in school and in life in general. Did you know that disadvantaged kids who don’t participate in high-quality early education programs are 25 percent more likely to drop out of school, 40 percent more likely to become a teen parent, and 70 percent more likely to eventually be arrested for a violent crime? True facts. The great thing is that we can turn those numbers around by empowering the moms who need it most. “A lot of moms think they’re not smart enough to do well by their children,” Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children, told me. “It’s our job to show parents that they are their kids’ best teachers and that there are very easy things they can do to give their kids a better chance at life.”

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get to hang out with some of the moms and kiddos that Save the Children helps—and my mind was officially blown. (Thanks, Johnson’s Baby Cares for making that possible!) Let me introduce you to a couple of the most awesome duos I met:

Desi and her son, Ruben
Care Cards Save the Children Desi
“When I was pregnant with Ruben, I didn’t know how I’d support him–how I’d get diapers for him or anything. I felt totally alone, especially since my mom’s in the hospital. She doesn’t know who anybody is, so she really couldn’t help me,” Desi said. “But you have to know you’re not alone–there’s always someone out there to help if you just ask. When I reached out to Save the Children, my life changed. They’re really helping me to be a good mom–and it’s the best thing I can think of.”

Chelsea and her daughter, Peregrine
Johnson's Baby Cares Care Cards Chelsea
“We’re military, so there’s not a whole lot of family here to help me figure out the right things to do,” said Chelsea. “But the woman we meet with through Save the Children has children and grandchildren of her own and can really tell me how to handle things. It’s already making such a difference.”
Jenna and her son, Jace
Johnson's Baby Cares Care Cards Jenna
“I’m still in school, and being a new mom and trying to handle everything else was just really frustrating. Sometimes I’d get so mad at the world and not know what to do,” said Jenna. “Save the Children has shown me how to be a good mom, and they’ve even helped me get to know Jace better. He’s the funniest little guy. I can’t not be happy when he’s around!”
I am so totally rooting for Dezi, Chelsea, and Jenna. So for them–and moms who are trying their best everywhere–I’ll be sending out more than a few Care Cards starting today. I hope you’ll join me and Johnson’s Baby Cares by pitching in with a little mommy love of your own. I know a lot of mamas out there could use it!

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