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Parents Goody Giveaway: Win an Adorable Care Bears Prize Pack Sweepstakes

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Ask any parent whose child has gone through a stuffed animal phase, and they’ll tell you teddy bears come and go. When I was a kid, my parents had to attach a giant sack to the back of my door just to hold all the soft pals that had been replaced on my bed with new favorites.

But one set of creatures has managed to outlast the rest: Care Bears. Parents nostalgic for lovable characters like Cheer Bear and Love-a-Lot will be happy to know they can still decorate their kids’ rooms with the original teddies, plus a few new friendly faces.

Since they first appeared on American Greetings cards in 1981, Care Bears have ventured into nearly every part of kids’ entertainment, from stuffed animals to TV shows and stationery.

Perhaps it’s because every Care Bear comes with a special power that teaches valuable lessons to kids. Take Cheer Bear and Love-a-Lot: With their special tummy symbols, they spread joy and love wherever they go. Then there’s the recent addition Wonderheart, a bear cub who’s super creative and loves asking questions.

With our latest giveaway, you too can encourage these admirable qualities in your child. The prize includes stuffed friends Cheer Bear and Wonderheart, a notebook, stickers, and three movies, including the Bears’ latest adventure The Great Giving Holiday, available on DVD November 5. All of this for one lucky winner!

To enter, leave a comment below, up to one a day between today and Wednesday, November 6, and don’t forget to read the official rules here. Goody luck!

Our winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Evan Rollins!

Add a Comment Helps Kids Star in Cartoon Videos

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Dora Diego and MeHas your child ever wanted to star in a video featuring Dora the Explorer and Diego? (a play on “kids” and “video”) gives kids the fun opportunity to upload their photos and customize them in videos that feature popular cartoon characters such as Dora, Diego, Spider-Man, Barney, Care Bears, and more. 

Kids can personalize their own entertainment and enjoy watching themselves go off on adventures with their favorite animated heroes.  Nine scenarios over 20 minutes long are currently available for kids to choose from including “Dora, Diego, and Me!,” “Dora the Explorer: Whose Birthday Is It?,” and “I Am the Amazing Spider-Man.”

Creating the videos are free, but keeping them involve pulling out your credit card–a streaming video costs $7.99, a download costs $9.99, and a DVD costs $19.99.  For a child who loves watching cartoons over and over again, this might be a unique and worthwhile gift for the holidays!

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