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Parents Daily News Roundup

Friday, November 18th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Molester Helped Cast Child Actors
News that a registered sex offender worked under another name raises questions for studios and police.

Report Shows Decline in Teen Births, Prematurity, C-Sections
Rates of teen births, premature deliveries and cesareans all are going down, a new report says.

Johnson & Johnson Starts Removing Toxins from Baby Products
Amid pressure from activists, Johnson & Johnson said Wednesday that it is continuing efforts to remove two harmful chemicals from its iconic baby shampoo and other baby products in the U.S.

To Get Your Kids Ahead in Life, Get a College Degree
Researchers from the Russell Sage Foundation and the Pew Economic Mobility Project have found that American kids are much more likely to succeed if their parents are more educated.

Mom: Bullying Drove My 10-Year-0ld Girl to Suicide
Stacy Conner, the mother of 10-year-old Ashlynn, says she complained to the principal at her daughter’s school about the torment and bullying Ashlynn suffered before taking her own life.

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Born Too Soon

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Today is the first-ever World Prematurity Day, meant to raise awareness about the dangers of premature birth–and to honor the one million babies worldwide who die as a result of it.

Preterm birth is defined as birth before 37 weeks gestation and it’s the leading cause of newborn death. Babies who make it, though, may have lifelong challenges including breathing problems and learning disabilities. A new report out today shows that just under 12 percent of babies in the U.S. are born premature. The figure has been dropping for each of the past four years, but of course too many babies are still at risk.

What’s important to note is that even babies born a few weeks early–say, between 34 and 36 weeks–have higher rates of hospitalization and illness than full-term infants. For anyone who’s nearing the end of her pregnancy, you’re probably so ready to be done. You might even have a doctor who’s willing to induce or schedule an early c-section. The March of Dimes has worked tirelessly to spread this message: If you don’t have any medical reason to have an early delivery, aim for at least 39 weeks. Those last days and weeks are vital to the development of a healthy brain and lungs.

The March of Dimes is asking that everyone change their Facebook status today to share a message of support for prematurity prevention efforts–or your own experience with the issue. At the very least, you might want to Like their page and read the inspiring, heartwarming, and sometimes heartbreaking posts and photos parents have left about their preemies.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Judge strikes down key parts of Texas sonogram law
A federal judge on Tuesday blocked key provisions of Texas’ new law requiring a doctor to perform a sonogram before an abortion, ruling the measure violates the free speech rights of both doctors and patients.

U.S. newborn death rate tied with Qatar
Babies in the United States have a higher risk of dying during their first month of life than do babies born in 40 other countries, according to a new report.

Bullying Law Puts New Jersey Schools on Spot
The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights, considered the toughest legislation against bullying in the nation, was propelled by public outcry over the suicide of a Rutgers University freshman last year.

Women Getting C-Sections Need Protection From Blood Clots
New advice for pregnant women: If you’re getting a C-section, special inflating boots strapped on your legs may lower the risk of a blood clot.

Child Care Cost Skyrockets; Costs More Than College in Some States
A new study by the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) found that in 36 states and the District of Columbia, one year of infant day care in a center is more expensive than a year of public college.

Kids of older dads face greater risk of autism
Children of older fathers are more likely to be diagnosed with autism, schizophrenia and a number of other neuropsychiatric or developmental disorders, and a new study reveals why this may be.

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Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Inner-city girls inspired by women’s World Cup
The Anderson Monarchs girls’ soccer team is part of an urban league in south Philadelphia. After leaving his legal practice, Walter Stewart started coaching the girls in 1998.

Balancing books and babies
Rooney is one of about 3.9 million student parents working on their undergraduate degrees in the United States. Nearly half those students are single parents and work full-time jobs, according to a 2011 report by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

2 Atlanta educators step down; 176 others also face ultimatum
They were among 178 Atlanta Public Schools employees, including 38 principals, whose jobs are on the line after allegedly being involved in a widespread standardized-test cheating scandal that has caught the attention of federal officials.

Parents Decide To Slow Down On Activities
Parents know the feeling all too well, too many activities and not enough hours in the day. Some families are constantly on the go. But at what cost? CBS 2′s Mary Kay Kleist reports on families making a choice to do less.

Wrong Mothers Breastfeed Babies Switched at Hospital
Two newborn babies were mistakenly given to the wrong mothers who then breastfed them at an Australian hospital, the Herald Sun reported Monday.

C-section rates hit all-time high, study finds
Rates of Cesarean section deliveries in the United States climbed to 34 percent in 2009, hitting an all time high, a new study says. Florida, New Jersey and Texas had the highest rates, while Utah, Wisconsin and Colorado had the lowest of the 19 states included in the study.

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Spankin’ New Headlines

Friday, March 26th, 2010

News Image NEWHow germs may develop your baby’s immune system. Slate

Telepsychiatry helps child mental health specialists reach patients. Time

As the c-section rate climbs to its highest point ever—32 percent—doctors worry that too many women are getting this surgery. The New York Times

Does your baby take a vitamin D supplement? Most should, according to a new study. USA Today

Why kids may need more time in school—not less, as many districts shift to a 4-day week. The Wall Street Journal

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