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Raising Awareness for Colic

Friday, March 8th, 2013

My mom has always said that I was the happiest baby the world’s ever seen. Perhaps she’s right: My baby book is filled with photos of me grinning from ear to ear. Still, I’ve always wondered if what she saw as “happy,” was really just normal. Normal, that is, compared to my older brother, Craig—who had colic.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to care for a baby whose cries fill the air for hours on end. But a new survey released in tandem with Born Free‘s second annual Colic Awareness Month tells me that it’s lonely: Eight out of 10 moms with colicky babies say that colic has moderately or significantly affected their ability to leave the house, and nearly 80 percent of them are hesitant to ask friends or family for help.

So what can we do? For starters, pledge to help a friend or family member who has a fussy newborn. Born Free’s request is simple: Commit one hour to assisting another mom. Wash her laundry, watch the baby while she gets some much-needed rest—whatever you can do. The important thing is to let her know that you care.

And if you’re the one in the trenches, be sure to check out our how-to on relieving colic. You’ll get through it, mama!

Image: Alexandra Grablewski

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