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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win BOB’s New Motion Stroller!

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

I am helping a dear relative stroller-browse, and her innocent question–”Why are there jogging strollers that are not for jogging?”–was easily answered, in part, by the launch of the new BOB Motion. BOB is known for their premium joggers, sold to parents who want to run with their baby. But here’s what has happened: jogging-stroller fans want the same amazing features (springy wheel suspension, air-filled tires, a smooth roll down the road) in their everyday (smaller, lighter) strollers. Thus the Motion, a $349 supersmooth ride.  There are three-wheeled strollers that aren’t joggers; they just look cool and are easy to maneuver. And jogging-stroller companies are releasing everyday strollers because they can offer great technology for everyday, non-sports use. If you’re shopping for a stroller that is actually meant for running, it should have a safety strap on the handle, for you to attach to your wrist. And extra-big wheels, like small bike tires. And the front wheel will lock, so it can race in a straight line. Need a visual? Watch our Meet the Jogging Stroller video! The BOB Motion has four wheels, which helps distinguish it from three-wheeled everyday strollers. In fact the Motion looks similar to a Britax stroller, which isn’t surprising since BOB and Britax now share the same owner. The Motion can fit a Britax car seat on top (making it a nifty travel system). If you’re looking for a highly durable, easily folded everyday stroller that will last until your child goes to kindergarten, I recommend the Motion. It’s currently being launched at And I’m thrilled to announce that BOB will send a Motion stroller for one lucky American Baby fan to roadtest and keep! For your chance to get the BOB Motion, leave a comment below, up to one a day, between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, February 6th. We’ll randomly pick a winner after that. You can read our complete rules here. Goody luck! 

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