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New Stuff From Fred!

Monday, January 28th, 2008

I’m completely obsessed with Fred, the super-cool company whose witty, well-designed products have me convinced that they can do no wrong. Witness, my brand-new faves:

The Arty Party

Pick Your Nose Party Animals

And the Wishosaurus

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Good Eats: Cool Tools for Mealtime

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Maybe it’s because we eat at least 3 times a day that the world is obsessed with designing the coolest mealtime gadgets. (And clearly I am too, as this is the second post of mine concerning this topic.)  I just couldn’t pass over these with my mouse without sharing them with you!

This melamine Puzzle Tray by Royal VKB (their motto: We make food smile at you!) teaches kids how to set a table.  Well, sort of.


Oriental Trading
is my go-to spot when planning a Carnival party, a Halloween bash, or when I’m simply in need of craft material inspiration.  I was delighted to discover that they also sell nifty gadgets such as these Plastic Sandwich and Drink Holders.  Planning a birthday party picnic?  You can’t beat $5.95 for a dozen of these suckers.


And lastly, uber-cool Boon developed this Squirt spoon that dispenses baby food by squeezing the bulb (that’s their word choice, not mine).  So in the unfortunate event that you break your arm, Boon has come to your rescue with this one-handed feeding contraption. 


Thanks to for the Plastic Sandwich Holder and Puzzle Tray links.

Thanks to for the Boon spoon link.

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Your Name in Jell-O!

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

If you don’t quite have the skills to make the uber-famous cupcake birthday cake, how about crafting your kid’s name in a personalized Jell-O mold (link thanks to Mighty Junior)? Even I (the talentless baker that I am) can make Jell-O! Though, I can’t help but think about weird neighbors and getting my wisdom teeth out when I think of Jell-O.

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Desserts to Divvy: Allergen-Free Sweet Treats

Monday, November 5th, 2007

I’m allergic to strawberries and peaches (a sad, sad reality being that I’m from Georgia).  So I’m constantly picking through fruit salads and missing out on yummy homemade jams and marmalades.  I can handle it, though; I’m an adult and I can easily maneuver around these forbidden fruits. Smorg

But imagine being a child with food allergies and watching your friends eat chocolaty, nutty, dairy-filled treats at birthday parties, Halloween, or holiday-time school parties while you find yourself stuck with some tasteless, egg- or dairy-free lump of dough.  Divvies has saved the day for children who literally suffer from having to go without.  Founded by Lori Sandler, a mom who knows firsthand what it is like to have a child with allergies, Divvies has invented cupcakes, candy, cookies, and more that are all dairy-, egg-, tree nut- and peanut-free.  Her concept is that Divvies is a product made to share, so that a child with these specific allergies does not feel singled out at dessert time.

Divvies ships all over and you can even set up an automatic order so that your household is never caught without safe snacks. 

Thanks to Divvies, life’s little pleasures of delicious desserts are
now made to share.

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Cupcake Décor

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Here at Goodyblog we hold a very special place in our hearts for all things cupcake. Which is why I can’t resist giving you a sneak preview of this totally fun (and pricey – $750 a pop to be exact) new Birthday Table. It’ll be sold on by the end of November and will come in ten different flavors – I mean finishes – including yellow, red, metallic silver and brown. So yummy!

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Goody Gift

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Cover1When my nephew, Jordan, turned one,
I got him this personalized book called My Very Own Name from I See Me for his birthday. It’s a really cute story of how a baby was born on January 21, 2005 (his birthday, obvs) and how all the animals in the forest wanted to think of the perfect name for him. So the Jaguar brings the J, the Orangutan brings the O, etc etc. And it spells out his whole first name and last name. He was too young to really read it on his first birthday, but he started learning to point to the animals he knew, then to the letters in his name, and now it’s just a great keepsake and a story he likes to read about himself.

His sister, Sydney (that’s her!), is turning one in just a month, so I ordered My Very Own FaiSydaug2607ry Tale for her. Instead of animals bringing the letters in her name, fairies bring adjectives to describe their fairy princess, like Special, Young, Delightful, etc. (you get the idea). I just think it’s a super cute gift, and on the title page, it says "With Love From Aunt Ilisa on Your First Birthday," so she remembers which aunt was thoughtful enough to get a her a super cute personalized bday present :)

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Cupcake Wars

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

I live in New Jersey, where a number of school districts have been grappling with a pressing—and extremely divisive—issue:  Bringing birthday cupcakes to school.

Some school officials and PTA moms, rightly concerned about childhood obesity, feel that it’s better for kids to celebrate their special day with healthier snacks or even a non-edible treat like a pencil or a sticker. Others, also probably concerned about childhood obesity but maybe not as fanatically so, argue that banning cupcakes crosses the line. There’s been tons of debate and discussion wherever the issue has come up, with some towns vowing to stay sweet-treat free and others deciding to let ‘em eat cake.

"We’re a kindergarten through sixth-grade district,” Linda Freda, a school official in the town of North Caldwell told the Newark Star Ledger after her district decided against a cupcake ban last week. "They can still have a birthday party. They’re only kids once."

Why does this issue invoke such passion? According to a recent article in The New York Times, it’s because of the symbolic value of these sugary treats. "In the modern age, the cupcake may be more American than apple pie — ‘because nobody is baking apple pies,’ according to Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University, who is in favor limiting sweets in schools but admits that for many cupcakes can be "deal breakers."

Personally, I fall very firmly on the pro-cupcake side of this controversy.  As a mom, one of my favorite rituals when my kids were younger was baking a batch the night before their birthday and sending them into school the next day.  Eating those cupcakes —and countless those others made by other moms—hasn’t turned my son or daughter into obese teens.  They’re both thin, and fit, and healthy, and very nutrition minded, which I suspect has more to do with how we eat in our home not what they consumed at school.

Where do you stand on the cupcake wars? I’m eager to hear!

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Happy 1/2 Birthday, Baby!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

You may have seen in our October issue this Reader Rockin’ tip:

When my daughter, Charlotte, turned 6 months old, her Auntie Leigh made her a "1/2" birthday cake. Simply bake a round cake, cut it in half, stack the pieces, and decorate. It’s a great way to celebrate this milestone.
-Christina; Novi, Mich.

What a great idea, right? Well… here’s a few more moments in brilliant momhood.
Maggie from Easton, Penn. made her daughter, Sydney, this awesome 1/2 birthday cake:

And while searching around on Flickr, I found one mom who made her baby a cupcake and decorated only half of it with sprinkles. Here’s some more great ideas from our amazing party editor, Amanda:
- make a 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 vanilla cake
- serve 1/2 hamburgers and 1/2 hotdogs
- give everyone 1/2 a paper plate, 1/2 a napkin, and 1/2 a paper cup (and it’s eco-friendly too!)
- play games with trivia all about 1/2 (When was the first 1/2 dollar coin invented?  How many yards is 1/2 a football field?  Half of 4 is what?)

The 6-month milestone is a big, so don’t feel guilty about celebrating! It may not be a true birthday, but it’s still a big deal!

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