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Parents Daily News Roundup

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Service Allows Bully Reporting By Text 
Students are getting a new weapon to fight back against bullies: their cell phones. (via Huffington Post)

Bicycle helmet laws linked to fewer child deaths
U.S. states that require children and teenagers to wear helmets report fewer deaths involving bicycles and cars, according to a new study. (via Fox News)

Sugary drink consumption down among U.S. kids
More evidence that Americans are heeding calls to cut back on sugary drinks appears in a report from researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (via Yahoo News)

Early Brain Responses to Words Predict Developmental Outcomes in Children With Autism
The pattern of brain responses to words in 2-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder predicted the youngsters’ linguistic, cognitive and adaptive skills at ages 4 and 6, according to a new study. (via Science Daily)

ADHD medications not tied to drug, alcohol abuse
Taking Ritalin and other drugs for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) doesn’t affect a child’s chances of trying or abusing alcohol and drugs later in life, a new review suggests. (via Reuters)

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Vitamin D Doesn’t Actually Fight Off Colds, Study Says
Although vitamin D boosts the immune system, taking large doses of the nutrient does not appear to ward off colds, a new study from New Zealand says. (via My Health Daily News)

Docs Have Mixed Feelings on School Vaccinations
Colorado doctors mostly support local efforts to give kids their flu shots and other vaccines at school – but they also have misgivings, a new study shows. (via Reuters)

Birth Rate Down in US for 4th Year
U.S. births fell for the fourth year in a row, the government reported Wednesday, with experts calling it more proof that the weak economy has continued to dampen enthusiasm for having children. (via AP)

Children’s Bicycle Helmets Effective in Impact and Crush Tests, Study Suggests
Few bicyclists wear helmets regularly, and children are less inclined to wear helmets than adults: national estimates of helmet use among children range from only 15% to 25%. (via Science Daily)

U.S. Teen Drinking and Driving Rate Cut in Half in 20 Years
The percentage of U.S. high school students who drink and drive has dropped by more than half in two decades, in part due to tougher laws against driving under the influence of alcohol, federal health officials said on Tuesday. (via Reuters)

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Win an “Early Rider” Balance Bike from

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The entry period for this giveaway has now ended.  Congratulations to Lindsey S. of Effingham, IL and Amy C. of Middletown, NY for winning the two balance bikes!

Riding a bicycle is one of the most-anticipated childhood milestones, so if you have a little one who can’t stop moving, a balance bike (a pedal-less bike that teaches coordination, strength, and speed) is a great idea to improve gross and fine motor skills. has collaborated with, an online retailer dedicated to selling high-quality balance bikes and helmets, to give away two “Early Rider” Classic balance bikes, valued at $180 each.  

The Early Rider brand, based out of the United Kingdom, features balance bikes in three versions (Lite, Classic, Evolution), all with “Fat Boy” rear tires for extra stability. The Classic version, designed for 2 to 5 year-olds, is made out of wood and environmentally-friendly and has an adjustable seat with faux leather seat pad.

To win a balance bike, share what special milestone you’re anticipating for your child in our Comments section below.  Two (2) winners will be chosen randomly to win the sweepstakes giveaway, which runs begins Monday, October 24 and ends Monday, October 31.  Click here to read the full contest rules.

Goody luck!

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A Super Safe Helmet

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

My 6-year-old has been sporting the same cheapo Disney Princess bike helmet since she was 4. Julia’s never fallen on her head, thank God, but you wouldn’t know that by the state of her helmet. This is because she always seems to drop it on the street, throw it in the driveway, bounce it down our front steps, and just generally abuse it. And I’ve been meaning to replace it, so I was psyched when I was offered the chance to have her try out a helmet from Nutcase Helmets. It’s ideal for bicycling, scooting, in-line skating, and skateboarding. (Nutcase also makes different helmets for snow activities, motor sports, and boating and water sports.) I can tell you right now that I already feel way more confident about this helmet than the one she’s been wearing. Fit is a big deal with Nutcase, and to that end they provide foam strips that you attach to the inside of the helmet with Velcro, to make sure your child doesn’t have too much room in there. Then there’s a dial in the back to tighten it even further. Julia loves the fact that the chinstrap closes easily with a magnetic buckle. (Of course she would–her parents have only clipped the skin on her neck about a dozen times!) And I admit to being happy with the mere appearance of the helmet. The designs you can choose from are very cool, which makes sense considering that Nutcase is founded by a former creative director for Nike.

So I was convinced of its ease and fit (and coolness). Then I turned on the local news the other morning and saw the story of a 3-year-old boy in NYC who was hit by a cab last week at a notoriously dangerous intersection. His father said that “this would be a terrible tragedy” had he not been wearing his helmet.  I couldn’t help but notice it was a Nutcase helmet.




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