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Dry Eyes, Clean Hair

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Rinser_photoMy 3-year-old daughter still puts up a major fuss at bathtime because she hates having her hair washed. She insists that water gets in her eyes even when we’re holding two washcloths over them. We never had much success with flexible shampoo visors because they were too big for her little head. We recently tried the new Lil Rinser, and it worked surprisingly well. ("Wow, I want to use this every time!" she said.) It creates a watertight seal and has a soft rim inside that keeps water away from your child’s face but lets it run down over her head and hair. Depending on how big your child’s head is, you might have to press the sides in a little for a good fit, but this is definitely better than anything else we’ve tried.

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