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Not Your Average Birthday Party Gift

Friday, May 2nd, 2014









Another weekend means another birthday party (or two!) on the agenda. If you’re tired of stocking up on Barbies and board games, consider purchasing one of these gifts next time your kiddo receives a invite. Plus, these cheap, cute products will still be deemed “cool” once middle school arrives.

Look to the stars. An astrological-themed gift will never go out of style. Pick out a Furbish poster (on sale for $18) featuring the birthday kid’s sign, or scoop up a porcelain constellation box (also on sale for $18). It could even double as a receptacle for  loose teeth before the Tooth Fairy arrives!

Get practical. For the tech-savvy kid, this bright lap desk ($25) from Barnes and Noble features a slot to hold tablets and has a no-slip pad for smart phones, making it even easier to multitask from the couch. makes cheery iPhone 5/5s covers ($25) in a variety of kid-friendly designs.

Think positive. What tween couldn’t use an extra dose of inspiration? These fun prints from Lulu and Georgia–”Be You,” ($15) “Everything You Can Imagine,” ($26-32), ”Be Yourself“ ($26-32)–will add a dash of color a preteen’s room, and their sayings will continue to ring true in the years to come.

Go old school. Think back to when you were a kid (if you can remember a world before iPads and iPods!) and go for classics such as a travel game pad ($9), set of glow-in-the dark stars ($12) for the ceiling, or a pack of clever sticky notes ($4). Purchase one of these J.Crew items and pair it with the birthday kid’s favorite candy, and you’ve got yourself a sweet, inexpensive present.

Celebrate the season.  A lightweight scarf, like this one from Old Navy, ($13) is a perfect summer gift, while a baseball hat, such as this Kohl’s cap, (on sale for $16) will help shield the sun’s rays. You’ll get bonus points for choosing a cap with a favorite team logo!

Hosting your own child’s birthday party? Craft a creative cake like the one below!

How to Make a Dinosaur-Egg Cake
How to Make a Dinosaur-Egg Cake
How to Make a Dinosaur-Egg Cake

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Hooked on Nook!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

I love books and magazines. I adore kids’ books too. And so I was one of those technophobes who thought that maybe a tablet or e-reader would diminish the fun that is flipping pages. Of course, it’s not so. Once I got a Nook into my hands, I became entranced with how easy it is to carry my reading with me. Now I also use it to play Angry Birds. And read trashy tabloid magazines. And download stuff for my kids.

You see, there are children’s books, like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, that are kind of magical when they play out on the Nook, with all the bright colors on the screen. I also like checking out reads like Sandra Boynton’s Snuggle Puppy. It’s maybe the sweetest book ever, but I was always curious how the author would say (or sing!) it, since it’s definitely open to dramatic interpretation. With the Nook version, you can hear Boynton read it or do it your own way.

The exciting news from Barnes and Noble is that Laurie Berkner, every baby’s favorite singer, is launching her new book for the Nook, called Party Day. It’s got singing and dancing animation and is, in short, perfect for a baby or toddler. To celebrate, we can give one lucky family their very own Nook (worth $249) and a code to download Berkner’s book (worth $9.99). Yay! That’s worth $258.99! All you have to do is leave a comment at this post; you can comment once a day between Thursday March 1 and the end of Wednesday March 7th. You can read the full rules here. Goody luck!

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