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Rosie to the Rescue: What Will Kate Middleton Name the Baby?

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

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Now that Princess Kate is into her second trimester, it’s only natural that England (and the world) is abuzz with the burning question, “What will the baby be called?” Well, if I may I’d like to shed a little light on the royal way of naming, so that you can make your own call!

The Royal Family tend to have multiple names. Prince William alone has four: William Arthur Philip Louis. They also tend towards traditional names, especially those of successful monarchs. Elizabeth and Victoria were both extremely strong and successful, as were Arthur and William. Less likely to make the cut would be Henry, considering King Henry famously married six times–and beheaded two wives. As for nontraditional names, only Princess Anne’s son (Prince William’s cousin) has gone that route, with Savannah and Isla.

To avoid confusion, the royals tend not to use the name of any living monarch. And while Diana is a possibility, her family name Spencer is not! (From the royals’ perspective, the extended Spencer clan has been nothing but trouble.) One good possibility is Louis, as Lord Louis Mountbatten was a close relative of the Queen’s and a favorite of Prince Charles. He was killed by the IRA, and William may choose to honor him. Finally, Kate’s family names are unlikely to be picked for this first baby in line for the throne, but may indeed be possibilities for subsequent siblings.

If I was a betting lady, I would put George and Louis at the top of my boy list, and Victoria or Carole at the top of my girl’s. British bookies have made some picks for Kate and Wills’s firstborn–see their choices below.

P.S. I love that they included Princess Waynetta as a possibility, even if it’s got 1000 to 1 odds!

10 to 1 odds:
Diana, Victoria; George

16 to 1 odds:
Anne, Frances; Louis, Richard

20 to 1 odds:
Grace, Mary; Edward, Henry, James, Peter, Spencer

25 to 1 odds:
Alice, Sarah, Catherine; Andrew, William

33 to 1 odds:
Alexandra, Amelia, Beatrice, Carole, Charlotte, Margaret, Marie, Philippa, Sophia; Michael, David, Alexander, Stephen, Thomas

50 to 1 odds:
Caroline, Jane; Christian, Oliver, Rupert, Bradley

1000 to 1 odds:

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

And the Most Popular Baby Names of 2012 Are…
BabyCenter, a popular pregnancy and parenting website, released its annual rankings of baby names today. (via Time)

Autism Severity May Stem From Fear
Most people know when to be afraid and when it’s okay to calm down, but new research on autism shows that children with the diagnosis struggle to let go of old, outdated fears. (via ScienceDaily)

US Birth Rate Hits a Record Low
The rate of babies born in the United States hit a record low in 2011, new analysis shows. Researchers say the drastic drop in the birth rate among immigrants has greatly contributed to the overall decrease. (via NBC News)

Prenatal Exposure to Testosterone Linked to Verbal Aggression
A new study examined finger length to link verbal aggression and prenatal testosterone exposure. (via ScienceDaily)

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Pregnant? Make Your Life Easier With These Free Tools

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Pregnant woman with sonogram

When you first find out that you’re pregnant, it may seem like you have to wait forever to meet your baby — but trust us, those months fly by. Attending doctors’ appointments, shopping for baby essentials, and simply adjusting to the idea that you’re almost a mother can be exhausting. Try three of our favorite tools to make your life a little simpler:

  • Find out when your baby will be born with our Due Date Calculator. Enter the date of your last period and the length of your cycle for an approximation of when your little one will arrive.
  • Predict the gender of your baby with our Ancient Chinese Birth Chart. With a supposed success rate of 93 percent, what are you waiting for?
  • Don’t let picking a baby name be the first parenting disagreement you have with your partner. Try our Create-a-Baby-Name Quiz for fun name ideas.

Check out our pregnancy page for more information!

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

The Facebook-Free Baby
Are you a mom or dad who’s guilty of ‘oversharenting’? The cure may be to not share at all.

Child Care Cost Hikes Derailing Women’s Careers
At a time when women’s issues have become a political football in the national arena, many states have been chipping away at funds aimed at supporting working mothers and families, even as federal subsidies are drying up and the cost of child care is climbing.

Baby Names: The Latest Partisan Divide?
Styles of baby names, it seems, are nearly as different in various parts of the country as voting habits. More progressive communities, Laura Wattenberg says, tend to favor more old-fashioned names. Parents in more conservative areas come up with names that are more creative or androgynous.

Crib Products May Be Deadly, Experts Say
There’s a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying more and more babies are suffocating while sleeping, and they’re warning parents to keep cribs empty.

High School Teens Make “No Tanning” Pledge Before Prom
Students at Maynard High School in Massachusetts made good on a “no tanning before prom” pledge at the event last Friday.

Parents Beware: If Your Teens Party, You Could Pay the Price
States have different “social host laws” and under some of them, a parent can face criminal charges and hefty fines if an accident occurs as a result of any underage drinking at your home. Even if, say, you’re away on vacation and have no idea that anything is going down in the first place.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Bottles, Binkies and Sippy Cups Can Hurt Kids, Study Finds
The seemingly innocuous ba-bas and binkies caused cuts, bruises and other injuries serious enough to send 45,398 children under age 3 to the nation’s emergency rooms between 1991 and 2010, according to the first large-scale analysis of the problem.

Can You Call a 9-Year-Old a Psychopath?
Psychologists now believe fledgling psychopaths can be identified as early as kindergarten. The hope is to teach these children empathy before it’s too late.

More Batteries to Blame for Kids’ ER Visits
The number of kids treated in emergency rooms after swallowing batteries — or lodging them in their noses and ears — has almost doubled over the past 20 years, a new study suggests.

So Eager for Grandchildren, They’re Paying the Egg-Freezing Clinic
The practice of freezing eggs to enable a pregnancy later on is growing, doctors say, with parents lending emotional and financial support to adult daughters.

The List Is Out! Top Baby Names for 2011 Are…
The Social Security Administration released its top 1,000 baby name list for 2011 on Monday morning.

FDA Delays New Rules for Sunscreen
Sunscreen confusion won’t be over before summer after all. The government is bowing to industry requests for more time to make clear how much protection their brands really offer against skin cancer.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Hospitals Pressured to End Free Baby Formula
New parents leaving U.S. hospitals often take home a corporate gift along with their babies: a tote bag filled with infant formula. Consumer advocates want to end the giveaways, which they say undermine breastfeeding.

Can Autism Really Be Diagnosed in Minutes?
A Harvard researcher says he’s achieved exceptional accuracy in identifying autism by using just seven online questions and an evaluation of a short home video of the child, instead of conventional, face-to-face exams that can take hours.

Child’s Cancer May Not Boost Parents’ Divorce Risk
Parents of children with cancer may be under emotional strain, but they are no more likely than other couples to split up, a new study concludes.

Super Surrogate Gives Birth to 15th Baby
Over the years Meredith Olafson has given birth to 15 babies – but only four of them are hers.

Connecticut Boy Brings Heroin to Kindergarten Show-and-Tell; Stepdad Arrested
A 5-year-old boy found dozens of bags of heroin inside a jacket he had taken to school and showed them to his kindergarten classmates, the school superintendent said Tuesday.

The Hot Names of 2012, Revealed
Baby names 2012 are already proving to be very different from last year’s choices, with The Hunger Games taking over from Twilight as the primary cultural influence on names, the hottest boys’ names taking a cue from the girls, and musical names trumping Hollywood for inspiration.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Heading Soccer Balls Can Lead to Brain Damage, Study Says
Regularly heading a soccer ball—even just a few times a day—can lead to brain injury, according to a recent study.

What’s in a Name? Ask Google
In our still-budding digital world, where public and private spheres cross-pollinate in unpredictable ways, perhaps it’s not surprising that soon-to-be parents now routinely turn to Google to vet baby names.

Young Adults’ Coverage May Cost Parents Even More
An increasing number of employers are turning to “per participant” or “unitized” pricing so an employee’s payroll contribution increases with each dependent a worker adds to their coverage, according to Aon Hewitt, a large Chicago benefits consultancy.

Soldier Races Home from Iraq, Just in Time for Son’s Birth
Spc. Asbai Ramirez says he made it to the hospital on Thanksgiving about 30 minutes before his wife, Ashleigh, gave birth.

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Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Chemical Suspected in Cancer Is in Baby Products
More than 30 years after chemical flame retardants were removed from children’s pajamas because they were suspected of being carcinogens, new research into flame retardants shows that one of the chemicals is prevalent in baby’s products made with polyurethane foam, including nursing pillows, car seats and highchairs. (New York Times)

FDA panel backs infant doses for kids’ Tylenol
Federal health experts say dosing instructions for children younger than 2 years old should be added to Children’s Tylenol and similar products containing acetaminophen, the popular pain reliever and fever reducer. (Seattle

How Do Babies Learn to Talk?
One of the unique talents that mark us as humans is our ability to express our thoughts to others in a way that can be understood, even if the subject is complex and abstract. Thus it is not surprising that scholars have struggled for centuries to understand how an infant can learn language in an incredibly brief period. (ABC)


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