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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win One of 5 Mombo Nursing Pillows

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Every woman is sensitive about the topic of breastfeeding. “Breast is best” has been pushed so heavily that those who chose to formula-feed—or must, for any reason—get their back up, and understandably so. Guilting a woman into breastfeeding isn’t the way to go. But I stand back from the whole argument a little sheepish, because I’m one of those people who happened to love nursing my babies. I went back to work but pumped for a year each time, and kept on nursing at bedtime until they were each past their second birthday. That news usually makes people avert their eyes from me, like I’m kind of a freak. But those of us who love nursing have nothing to be ashamed of either.

Because I got so much out of the experience, I’m always eager to pass nursing tools on to other mamas. One of the things that can make a big difference is getting your baby in a comfortable position. Bright Starts, through their Comfort & Harmony line, created the mombo pillow to help new moms get feedings off to a great start. Some of their innovations: The mombo has one side that’s firm, for when you need to keep a newborn securely in place, and one side that’s softer, so a bigger baby can lounge comfortably. They also put a vibration feature in the pillow, because that can calm some infants. Finally, there are lots of slipcovers sold for the mombo, so you can always have one in the wash and one on the pillow. 

We’re partnering with Bright Starts to get five new moms a mombo pillow. Just having one doesn’t mean breastfeeding is a guaranteed success, but we can promise it will help! We’ll pick winners at random; to be eligible, leave a comment below, up to one a day between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, August 22nd. Maybe tell us what your breastfeeding goal is, or tell us what hurdles you’re facing. (We’re always looking to help women through the tough parts!) Each pillow is worth $40. Click here for the official rules. Goody luck!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Bundle of NUK!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

My kids were both heavy pacifier users. They each stuffed those things in their mouth right through their third birthday. My mom gave me some grief about it, because from what she understood, the pacifiers were going to mess up their teeth. I will admit, Gracie has epically wrong teeth, but not because of her pacifier…some of her teeth are just not coming in, and two of them have grown together. She is an orthodontist’s dream. Joe’s teeth are fine though. So I shrug at the angst about pacifiers. As I see it, they soothed my kids a lot, and they’re even touted by the American Academy of Pediatrics as one way to help prevent SIDS.

If someone asks about orthodontically correct pacifiers, I point them toward the NUK line. In addition to being the bestselling pacifiers in the country, they seem to be the most vigilant about promoting pacifiers that don’t press against a baby’s palate. I’ve met with the company’s experts and heard their description of how the nipples mimic the real thing, and how they’re all built so that Baby can still move his tongue. They take that stuff super seriously. Though as far as I’m concerned, that’s all just gravy on top of the fact that the pacifiers can actually calm a baby down!

NUK goes beyond pacifiers too…they have bottles and cups and other feeding supplies, and they’re all built with orthodontics in mind. To help them spread the word about their extensive (and incidentally, SO cute!) line, we’re going to give one lucky family a box full of NUK products. Post a comment below, up to one comment a day. Maybe tell me what all of you use to soothe your little one, or what you plan to use. (Because I’m not going to pretend that the pacifier is the only weapon in any parent’s arsenal: Usually you have to do something like sit your infant in a swing, sing at the top of your lungs, and make sure the paci is in her mouth at the same time.) We’ll randomly chose one winner who will get 8 NUK Soft OrthoStar pacifiers, 8 NUK Lollipop Orthodontic pacifiers, 4 NUK Orthodontic 10-ounce bottles, and 4 NUK Babytalk Learner Cups. The total value is worth approximately $85, and the contest is open now through the end of the day on Wednesday, August 1. For official rules, please click here. Goody luck!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Britax Convertible Car Seat!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Just before a friend’s baby reaches a year old, I can count on her emailing me a “what convertible car seat should I buy?” question. It often comes with some panic attached, because usually the baby outgrew her infant seat more or less that morning!

With a car seat, you’re not buying for looks, you’re concerned about safety, easy of use, and value. You need to drop some serious dough, and you don’t want to have any regrets. I believe that all the car seats on the market that have the JPMA seal are well-built and tested. But this week, when a dad friend sent an SOS about needing a convertible car seat for his 11-month-old daughter, I had to mention that Britax has just launched updated versions of five of their convertible car seats, often considered the elite in the category. If you’re shopping for one of these latest-and-greatest, look for a Britax convertible seat with  ”G3″ in the name. There’s new technology in the padding, including side-impact protection as well as updated padding in the harnesses. Integrated steel bars make the seats extra-sturdy, and a new tether works like anti-lock breaks so that the seat surges forward in stages if there’s a sudden accident, reducing crash forces. Also, the three most expensive versions (the Advocate, Pavilion, and Boulevard) offer simpler, easier-to-use buckles that can’t get twisted up.

The Advocate is the top-tier seat, at $380. And Britax is going to let us give one away! Here’s our request. We need you to fill out this survey about your driving habits. We’re partnering with Safe Kids Worldwide to help make the roads safer for all families. As part of that, we need moms to talk to us about the reality of driving with kids, especially those under age 2. For me, that included driving when I was bone-tired, steering while baby Grace was vomiting behind me and I could do nothing to soothe her because I was on the FDR highway circling Manhattan, and lots and lots of trips with the same freakin’ CD playing over and over and over again. (Good thing I like it: It’s Elizabeth Mitchell’s You Are My Sunshine and it’s engrained in my brain forever.)

Got similar tales? Unlike with most of our giveaways, leaving comments here won’t win you anything, though we do, of course, welcome your feedback! To win the new Advocate car seat, click here (or above!) and take our survey. It’s subject to the official rules here, and the survey is up from today through Thursday, August 2, 2012. Goody luck, and safe driving!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win A Serenity Star Nightlight/Feeding Tracker

Friday, July 6th, 2012

You probably know Aden + Anais from the muslin swaddle blankets that are so very popular. They’re ubiquitous with “regular parents” but it also seems as if every time we interview a celebrity and ask them what products they can’t live without, they mention Aden + Anais swaddles. I guess famous people, aside from using the blankets to swaddle their baby to sleep and catch baby drool, can use them to shield their baby from photographers!

Well, Aden + Anais is branching out. First I have to mention that they have a yummy new line of crib sheets that are the same soft muslin as their blankets. We haven’t yet had one match up with one of the nursery pages we do in American Baby magazine, but I want it on record that I love them, even if they haven’t made it to our pages yet.  They’re also now doing phthalate-free, paraben-free baby skin care products, which I’m using at home on my kids and which are slated to pop up in our September issue. It’s good (and very gentle) stuff.

And finally I want to introduce another new Aden + Anais star, specifically, the Serenity Star. The founder of Aden + Anais is one of my heros, because she balances her business with charity and with raising four lovely girls. (All in Brooklyn, where balancing anything is no joke, and I can say that because I live there too!) One of her parenting hurdles was tracking feedings in an easy way, while also keeping older siblings sleeping soundly. She conceived of a nightlight that could be a soothing thing in kid’s room, which also tells the time, temperature, and lets you log feedings digitally. Oh, it works as a sound machine too! (A more graceful one than the big fan we run in our place to drown out random city noises.) 

Plus the fact that it can light up a soft red, white or blue seems very appropriate for this time of year! Want one? I’ve got one here, and Aden + Anais are willing to give out two more, which means three of you can win a Serenity Star to make life for you and your baby a little easier. It’s a $89.95 product, and if you’re not lucky enough to win one, you can buy one here. To win, just leave a comment below. You can post a comment once a day, through the end of Wednesday, July 11th. Click here for the official rules. Goody luck!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win $250 to Shop!

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Your mind doesn’t work clearly when you’re pregnant. You come up with grand visions and crazy rules, like “my daughter will NEVER use a pacifier.” Then cut to two months after the birth and you’re frantically buying one of every pacifier the drugstore sells, hoping she’ll take one of them.

I actually decided, during my second pregnancy when I was sleepy, hormonal, and seriously morning-sick, that my son would come out into the world and wear nothing except Zutano clothing. I really thought I could somehow limit his wardrobe to this, my favorite brand. It was as if my brain refused to remember that some relatives would pass me bodysuits emblazoned with sports themes, or that friends would give me stuff with goofy slogans on it. Or that my mom, chief grandchild-clothier, has her own brand attachments. Most importantly, I had somehow shut down the part of my brain that remembered that a baby can vomit on every outfit in the diaper bag, and often you just have to stop into the nearest mass-market store and buy a huge pack of Onesies.

So lets just say that things didn’t go as planned. Joe rocked a lot of different looks. But I can promise you that when he was wearing clothes that I bought him myself, they were Zutano. Check him out below, determined to walk in his little Zutano footie! (Yes, he used his big sister’s potty as a walker.)

My kids have outgrown the brand now, but I still love to give Zutano stuff as gifts to friends who have babies. I love to visit their showroom here in New York City, where founder Michael hosts the press along with his now so-grown-up daughter. (Sigh…they grow so fast!) The company itself is up in Vermont, you can read their whole charming history here.

I could go on and on with my Zutano love letter (They let employees bring their kids to the office! They’re one of the few lines that offer extensive clothes for preemies!) but let me cut to the chase: They’re going to give a $250 giftcard so one of you loyal GoodyBlog readers can get a little closer to my “this baby will only wear Zutano” fantasy. You can use it to go hog-wild at, where the sizes go from preemie to 4T.

Here are some groundrules: You can only post once a day, through the end of Wednesday, June 20th. You can post anything you want, but maybe go ahead and say what you love and what frustrates you about baby clothes. (I love soft cotton clothes. And I hate when a decoration is all scratchy on the inside of the clothes.) You can read all of the official rules here. Goody luck! 


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