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Be in Parents: More Not-Your-Kid Discipline Dilemmas

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

AngrykidYour great responses to “Ever Disciplined Someone Else’s Kid?” got us thinking. This is a common dilemma and it’s hard to know when it’s cool to speak up and when you’ve crossed the line. So we want to hear more! Have you ever:

  • Had to speak to a teacher, parent or child because your kid was pushed or bitten at preschool?
  • Bumped up against a visiting kid’s bad table manners?
  • Confronted a passive friend whose kid always interrupts adult conversations?

Whatever the case, we want to know. Dish more of your stories in the comments!

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Be in Parents: Ever Disciplined Someone Else’s Kid?

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

It’s prime playground season and overly-excited kids will always end up getting out of hand at some point—including the ones that don’t belong to you. Ever been in a situation where your kid’s playmate misbehaved in your presence? Maybe he wouldn’t give your child’s toy back, maybe she teamed up with your kid for a sufficiently dangerous wrestling match, or maybe he simply forgot to say, “please.” Whatever the situation, big or small, we want to know how you handled it—when did you say something, and when did you keep quiet? Post your story in the comments and it might end up in Parents!

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Be In Parents: Spill Your Lunchbox-Packing Tips

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

1361149030_ce583290f8If you pack a school lunch for your kid, you’re a pro by this time of year. We bet you have a tip or two up your sleeve that you could share with newbie moms who are sending their first kid off to school this fall. Dish your best ideas for what to pack and how to do it in the comments and your tip could end up in Parents! (Don’t worry we’ll give you the heads’ up if your idea makes it.)

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Be in Parents: Do Your Kids Nap in Peculiar Places?

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

Easter weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s meant all the kids in the family were worked up, fighting off naptime, and terribly tired late in the day. Impromptu napping eventually struck, leaving snoozing toddlers strewn all over the place: under the dinner table, on the dog’s bed, in the hallway, even with one hand in the Easter basket.

So we’re wondering: Where is the strangest place your child has ever fallen asleep? Post a comment and your story might end up in Parents magazine!

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Do You Have a Sunday Night Tradition?

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

I have very mixed feelings about Sunday nights. They’re quiet and everyone’s around and I love that, but even if you love your job, knowing that you have to get up Monday morning is like being on the last day of a fabulous vacation: You know you should be enjoying your last day at the beach, but you can’t help but remember that you have to go soon and that stinks.

So in an effort to make Sunday nights something to look forward to, I want to start a Sunday night tradition. Which sounds just lovely, except I have no idea what to do! I’m already cooking dinner, so that alone doesn’t seem very festive. Maybe we rotate picking out movies to watch? Some sort of theme? I just don’t know.

So I ask you, wise readers: Do you have a Sunday night (or any night, really) tradition? Something special you do even once a month to spend time together? If so, do tell. I’m very curious.

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It Didn’t Work for This Mom

Friday, February 8th, 2008

TodtantIn the January 2008 issue of Parents, I wrote about a new way of dealing with toddler tantrums based on Dr. Harvey Karp’s book The Happiest Toddler on the Block. Dr. Karp’s basic premise is that you have to talk to your toddlers on their level—at this age, in terms of brain development, these little guys are more cavemen than humans so logic and reasonableness are grown-up concepts they just don’t get. So our challenge, as parents, is learning to communicate with them on their level, in a language Karp calls toddler-ese. It’s all about speaking in short, repetitive sentences with a degree of emotion to mirror that of the upsetness of your kid. It’s so he understands that you understand him. To read my piece, Click here . Anyway, a reader sent us this letter and it made all of us laugh:

Hi, After reading your article on speaking toddler-ese, I tried it with my 21 month-old son, Rylan. He was working himself into a huge tantrum because he wanted a Fig Newton. As the article instructed, I stomped my feet and waved my hands, using an excited voice, ‘You’re mad, mad, mad! You want a Newton, but I don’t have any Newtons. So, I can’t give you a Newton.’  About this time, my Balinese cat decided Rylan needed defending and bit my leg so hard she nearly drew blood through my jeans. So, I’ve learned my lesson; no speaking toddler-ese in front of the cat.

Have any of you guys ever gotten a piece of no-fail advice on how to deal with your baby or kid that…well, failed you? We’d love to hear!!

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Spill It: The Junk in Your Trunk Whole Car

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Is your car a black hole for all the various junk you (and especially the kids) accumulate? I don’t have a car anymore (don’t need one in the city) but when I did, my trunk was just brimming with crap. I’m a pretty neat person but somehow those pesky odds and ends just couldn’t escape my car’s tractor beam pull.

So we’re asking, out of total nosiness because we think it’s fun: What kind of stuff is stashed (and mashed) in your car (not just the trunk!!) right now?

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Be in Parents: What’s Your Family’s Holiday Tradition?

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

Okay, I know it’s August. But we’re working on a story about holiday traditions for Parents, and we want to know what yours is! Does your family do anything unique and fun for Christmas or Hanukkah? For instance: When I was little, we made this amazing advent calendar out of those little cardboard milk cartons. It was assembled and decorated (mostly by my mother) and then every Christmas thereafter, it was filled with treats and my sister and I fought to open it each day. Another tradition: We name our tree each year. For some reason, it’s always a boy. My favorite name was Chuck (not sure who was responsible for that.)

So what’s your tradition? Post it in the comments (pretty please) and it might just appear in Parents! We’ll let you know if your tradition is picked. (If you’re a blogger yourself, we’ll link back to you during our super-fabulous-TBA holiday blog party extravaganza.) Bonus points if you have a picture of the tradition.

Happy holidays in August!
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