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Refund, Please!

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Mom gives child moneyWhen we heard that Apple will refund at least $32.5 million for in-app purchases made by kids without their parents’ knowledge, we couldn’t help but think of a few other items we’ve bought that should be refundable.

$56 The stuffed animal-hat, -slipper, -flashlight, and -pillow hybrids that our kids “needed” after seeing them on infomercials.

$660 The annual gym membership we thought would help shed the baby weight, but were too tired to use.

$357 The Pinterest-worthy first birthday party we threw with printables, favors, and balloons that our kid won’t remember and pretty much hated anyway.

$675 The price of every DVD we bought for our kids before Frozen was released that we can toss now that they’re obsessed with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

$53 The super plush crib bumper we bought to protect our baby that we wanted to torch once we found out it’s actually dangerous.

$42 The loom kit and bajillions of extra rubber bands still hidden in the crevices of our home that were used to make more bracelets than our entire family could ever wear.

$150 The toddler and preschool tech gadgets we bought hoping (praying) they would replace our smartphone as his favorite toy ever. Nope.

Total: $1,993
A hefty refund that more than makes up for watching LoomBoy99’s Snake Belly bracelet tutorial on repeat for hours indoors on a sunny day. Well, almost.

—Sabrina James

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