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Parents Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Autism Science Is Moving ‘Stunningly Fast’
Researchers today say they’re beginning to make progress, perhaps for the first time, in understanding the autistic brain.

U.S. Teen Birth Rates Fall to Historic Lows
Teen births fell again in the United States to historic lows, according to a new government report.

Antidepressants Can Raise Blood Pressure During Pregnancy
Taking antidepressants during pregnancy raises the risk of high blood pressure in expectant mothers, a new study shows.

Genes Found to Increase Childhood Obesity Risk
Researchers have identified two genetic variations that appear to increase the risk of childhood obesity.

Katherine Heigl Says Daughter Rejected Her Initially
Though they’re closer than ever now, Katherine Heigl admits her bond with her daughter Naleigh, 4, didn’t come easily.

Wash. Kids Stop School Bus After Driver Stricken
A quick-thinking Washington state middle school student steered a school bus to safety after he saw the driver slump over and pass out from an apparent heart attack, authorities said.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Mom Who Saved Kids from Tornado: ‘It Was Instinct’
Indiana mom Stephanie Decker, who lost a leg and a foot while shielding her kids during a deadly tornado, tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that she was merely acting on “mama bear” instincts.

Adopted Kids’ Drug Abuse Risk Affected by Biological Family
Adopted children are twice as likely to abuse drugs if their biological parents did too, suggesting that genetics do indeed play a role in the development of substance abuse problems.

Kids’ Concussion Symptoms May Persist for a Year
Children who suffer concussions may experience lingering problems with memory and attention, and may need help in school, according to a new study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

Minnesota School District Reaches Agreement on Preventing Gay Bullying
Minnesota’s largest school district has agreed to sweeping changes designed to prevent the harassment of gay students in a plan that federal officials call a national model.

F.D.A. Backs Respiratory Distress Drug for Babies
The drug, Surfaxin, which helps premature babies with their breathing, won approval on its fifth try.

Parents Forget Child, 3, at Chuck E Cheese, Find Out on Evening News
Parents of a 3-year-old girl had some explaining to do after they forgot their daughter at a Chuck E Cheese and did not realize it until they saw her picture on the evening news.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Another Batch of Birth Control Pills Recalled
Glenmark Generics is issuing a nationwide recall of seven lots of birth control pills. The pills are labeled “norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol tablets.”

2nd Victim Dead after Ohio School Shooting
A student wounded in a deadly school shooting has been declared brain dead, authorities said Tuesday, a day after one student was killed and three others injured when teenager opened fire in the cafeteria at a suburban Cleveland high school.

Flu Shots for Expectant Mothers Add to Babies’ Birth Weight
Flu shots for mothers appear to increase the birth weights of their babies, making it more likely they will survive, according to a new study done in Bangladesh.

Autism Not Diagnosed as Early in Minority Kids
Early diagnosis is considered key for autism, but minority children tend to be diagnosed later than white children.

Frozen Embryo ‘Open Adoption’ Raises Hopes, Questions
Meet the modern “open adoption” family — at least two hopeful humans and one embryo, brought together by science, trust, complicated legalities and a goodly bit of luck.

Yoga for Babies: Is It Safe?
They may not be able to walk or talk, but they have no problem arching their bodies into the downward dog pose. Yes, toddlers and babies are doing yoga — studios now offer classes for kids as young as 6 weeks old.

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Interview: Jamie Lee Curtis on Living a Healthy Life, Parenting, and Adoption

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

I recently had the chance to talk with Jamie Lee Curtis, mother, actress, children’s book author, and spokesperson for Activia yogurt. We spoke about her continued support and endorsement of Activia (which has lasted for almost four years), her challenging and rewarding moments as a parent, and her advice for couples who are interested in the adoption process. Check it out below!

Jamie Lee CurtisHow did you become involved with Activia?
After the More magazine article in which I did the proverbial “show the real Jamie,” the Activia team wanted to work with somebody who had gravitas in telling the truth about something people didn’t like to discuss. When they came to me, it seemed like a good idea, and very soon after I was parodied on Saturday Night Live, which is the ultimate form of flattery. Then, for the first time, everywhere I went people came up to me and talked to me about digestive health. They thanked me and gave me big thumbs-up. They sang the Ac-ti-vi-aaa! song. That made an impression on me.

What did you hear from women about how Activia has changed or affected their lives?
I’ve heard some very personal stories, which I’m not going to relay here, but ultimately what people have said is that a digestive health issue was in their life until Activia came along. They credited Activia and its probiotic nature with helping them. When you feel better, everybody is better. And then you can go off and tackle the rest of life. Now Activia is launching a whole new element to it. Everybody is gaga over Greek and French yogurt, and they want it creamy or more tart or crunchy, so the company has come out with all these varieties.

In addition to inspiring adults to maintain good health, you’ve written a lot of great children’s books. What message do you hope kids take away from your books?
What I really hope is that they understand I get it. That’s all I care about with anything I do — that people relate to me, and I to them. Self-esteem is complicated and big words are scary to use, but moods and feelings don’t have to be so frightening. I’m not a prophet. I’m not a teacher. I have no degrees. My degree is from the University of Life. I hope a child understands that I’ve navigated childhood, I’ve raised two kids, and I understand kids very, very well.

What are some lessons that your kids have taught you?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned from my children is to look in the mirror at myself, not at them. I’ve realized that everything I’ve done has had an impact on them. We have to understand that they are like little paparazzi. They take our picture when we don’t want them to and then they show it to us in their behavior. I have to watch myself. If I eat well, if I treat myself well, if I don’t self-flagellate and say “I’m a fat pig” in front of my daughter, she’s not going to grow up looking in a mirror thinking “I’m a fat pig,“ because she heard me say it.

What are some meaningful ways you spend time with your family?
Well, that’s a challenge. We’re a disparate group of people coming together to make a family. It’s easy to watch a movie, but that’s not really being together; that’s just watching something. We’re struggling through it like everybody else — how to find things that everyone wants to do. Games have always been a fun way to bring people together and we do that. We’re like every other family, where I’m trying to unplug and connect, but it’s hard.

Can you touch upon some of the more challenging aspects of parenting?
The challenging part of parenting for me is to make sure that an individual person is an individual and not some sort of cookie-cutter version of me. At the same time, I want to make sure that I impart my sense of the world as an adult. So it’s tricky to try to create an authentic person with his own mind about things but also inculcate him with the things that are important to me.

And the most rewarding aspects of parenting?
The most rewarding aspect of parenting is seeing my children be authentic. The most rewarding thing for me is to see them do anything that they’re proud of.

We have a lot of readers who either want to adopt children or are in the process of adopting. Based on your experiences with adoption, do you have any advice for them? Or are there things you wish you knew when you went through the process of adopting your children?
Adoption is a very complicated road filled with incredibly emotional and challenging aspects. At its core, adoption is about loss. It’s one that needs a lot of good support for everybody, so that everyone is clear about the feelings that are being stirred up for everyone. Birthdays, for instance, are very hard for adopted children. For everyone else it’s a celebration of the moment of birth, but for adopted children, it’s the remembrance of a birth family that they don’t have. So it’s complicated terrain but still a beautiful way to make a family. You have to just be really open to all sides of it.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Just 60 Babies Adopted Last Year in England
The number of babies adopted in England fell to 60 last year despite a sharp rise in the number of children in care.

Hispanic Children in Poverty Exceed Whites, Study Finds
Hispanic children living in poverty in the United States outnumber poor white children for the first time, a demographic shift that was hastened by the recession, according to a report released Wednesday by the Pew Hispanic Center.

Abducted Foster Children Found in Pennsylvania, Police Say
After nearly a week on the run, two fugitive parents and their eight children, who were abducted from foster care in Queens during a visit with their mother, were apprehended in Harrisburg, Pa., the authorities said Tuesday.

Don’t Call My Kid Fat! Parents Want Doctors to Talk About ‘Unhealthy Weight’
New research in the journal Pediatrics finds that Mom and Dad recoil when doctors describe their children as “fat” or “obese.” They would prefer to hear that their kids are hovering at an “unhealthy weight.”

Students and Teachers Protest Limits on Web Access
Some school leaders and education advocates have argued that the Internet can be a distraction in the classroom, and that blocking social media is also a way to protect students from bullying and harassment at school.

Parents Television Council Claims Victory in ‘Playboy Club’ Boycott
The conservative media-watchdog group, which has called for a boycott of the series, issued a release Wednesday crowing that seven advertisers have pulled out of the series since its premiere last week.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Transgender Kids: Painful Quest to Be Who They Are
When children insist that their gender doesn’t match their body, it can trigger a confusing, painful odyssey for the family. And most of the time, these families face isolating experiences trying to decide what is best for their kids, especially because transgender issues are viewed as mysterious, and loaded with stigma and judgment.

Childhood Malnutrition has Long Lasting Effects
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 17 million children live in households struggling to put enough food on the table.

New Member of the Family? You May Need a New Vaccine
In the past, experts have told parents who travel internationally to adopt children to get vaccinated against the hepatitis A virus. Now the American Academy of Pediatrics is supporting a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation that other people who may have close contact with the children in the months after they arrive in the United States also get vaccinated.

January Jones Leaves Baby’s Dad Off Birth Certificate
January has been keeping extremely mum on the subject of her baby daddy both before and after Sept. 13, when her bundle of joy came into the world.

Parents Seek Holiday Toys with Long-Term Appeal
Toy companies trying to win over choosy U.S. shoppers are under more pressure than ever to offer parents something their children will play with after Christmas, according to two industry veterans.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Ed VINCI Tab: Soft-sided Android-based tablet for toddlers
Feeling reluctant to hand that shiny new iPad over to junior? The VINCI Tab might be the answer – it’s an Android 2.3-based 7-inch tablet with a tempered-glass display and soft edges that’s been designed specifically for children of up to four years.

Hospitals need to do more to help moms breastfeed
Hospitals could and should do a lot more to help women succeed at breastfeeding, according to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Indiana parents with truant kids may face criminal charges
Parents of young children who don’t show up for school in Indiana’s capital may face criminal charges under a new program announced on Wednesday by Marion County Prosecutor Terry R. Curry.

Parents’ Conflicts Affect Adopted Infants’ Sleep
New parents often report sleep as being the most problematic of their child’s behavior. Neiderhiser and colleagues found that poor sleep patterns in children from ages 9 to 18 months are likely influenced by conflict in their parents’ marriage, the researchers report in the current issue of Child Development.

Franklin Township parents have to pay to bus kids to school
Amanda Adams just spent $220 to get her children to and from Kitley Elementary School — about 10 miles round trip — in August and September.

Foreclosed family camps in back yard
Imagine using a hose to brush your teeth and shower. Your shed is a closet, and you sleep in a tent in triple-digit temperatures.

Children Hit Hard by Economic Recession as ‘Kidflation’ Soars, Report Santander
The rate of inflation for goods and services most commonly bought by children has risen at a rate 68 per cent faster than inflation (RPI) as a whole over the past three years.

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Daily News Roundup

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Pediatrics: Discovering more about how watching TV hurts preschoolers’ sleep
Three-to-5-year-old kids who watch violent or scary media content, or who watch more TV during evening hours, are increasingly likely to have sleep problems, according to research published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. (LA Times)

Doctors Urge Ban on Junk Food Ads During Kids’ Shows
The nation’s leading group of pediatricians is calling for a ban on all junk food and fast food ads during children’s television shows as a means of slowing the rising tide of obesity among young people. (USA News)

Birth mothers track down adopted kids on Facebook
Adoptions, once private and tightly controlled by agencies, are now far more transparent because of Facebook. Some birth mothers are reaching out to contact the children they gave up, in some cases finding minors who haven’t been told yet they are adopted. (MSNBC)


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