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What’s Behind the Decline in International Adoption?

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Hundreds of thousands of families are celebrating National Adoption Month this November—including the families who have adopted more than 200,000 children from foreign countries in the last decade. But the number of children adopted internationally is on the decline. They’ve dropped significantly since their peak in 2004, when nearly 23,000 children found new homes in the U.S.— just 9,300 children found their families in the U.S. last year.

A number of factors have come into play to reduce the number of children available. Some previously popular countries, such as Guatemala and Vietnam, are currently closed to American parents due to concerns about corruption within their programs. Other countries, like China and Ethiopia, have fewer healthy children available and longer waiting periods for parents.Parents are now waiting over six years to adopt a healthy child from China—compare that to 2005, when the wait was just six months. (The wait will be significantly shorter, however, for families who are willing and able to consider children who have known medical needs.)

But the U.S. government is currently working to establish new programs and reopen relationships with countries that have improved the oversight of their adoption programs. “Cambodia looks to be moving in the right direction, and don’t give up on Vietnam yet,” says Ambassador Susan Jacobs, Special Advisor to the Secretary for Children’s Issues at the State Department, who oversees international adoptions to and from the U.S. “We are working with them to help them strengthen their central authority, so they are able to support the kind of program that we can participate in.”

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