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Hey, Bargain Hunters! Three Websites To Thrill You

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

As fun as it is to shop till you drop, being a mom means that other endeavors often take priority (someone has to buy all those groceries!). While online shopping is super simple, it can still be just as expensive as heading to the mall (we’ve all thought, “I’ll just add one more item to my cart to reach the free shipping mark,” haven’t we?) However, several sites make shopping for clothing and gifts easy and inexpensive…what could be better?!

Poshmark This is one of the many buy-and-sell sites that allows individuals to list items from their own closet and shop others’ wardrobes. It’s easy to search by brand, size, style, price, you name it–whether you’re looking for an outfit for an upcoming baby shower or bridal brunch or just need some new day-to-day wear, it’s likely you’ll find what you need on the site! I’ve purchased items from brands including Ann Taylor LOFT, J.Crew, and Francesca’s Collections at much cheaper than retail price–and you can always try to bargain with a seller to further reduce a listing. Bonus: Poshmark offers kids clothes, too.

Etsy You’re probably familiar with the site in some form, but the next time you’re shopping for a great teacher gift or holiday accessory, look no further! Etsy offers tons of customizable options (perfect for that monogram-obsessed friend), and it’s also a great place to purchase affordable, clever art prints without scrolling from one website to another. You know that gallery wall has been calling your name for months!

Goodwill Did you know the famous secondhand store has a website? Of course, the shopping experience will be a little different than your normal on-site treasure-hunting expeditions, but you can still purchase items across a variety of categories. Bonus: no need to lug everything home as you would in person! This is a great site to check out if you’re searching for a vintage product or home good.

Shopping for a wee one? We have tips for buying baby clothes on a budget?

How to Buy Baby Clothes on a Budget
How to Buy Baby Clothes on a Budget
How to Buy Baby Clothes on a Budget





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Your Kids’ Summer Essentials

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Summertime is right around the corner! But there’s always so much to pack and buy before the fun can start. Whether you’re prepping your little one for sleepaway camp, the beach, international travel, or just a trip to Grandma’s, we’ve got you covered! (Click on the pictures to shop!).

For the Little Camper 

Accessories: Your nature-lover will enjoy having a place to keep track of fun memories, friends’ contact info, and more in this journal with a woodsy design. (Chronicle Books, $10)

Games: A group activity like Mad Libs will be enjoyable for the whole cabin. (Ebeanstalk, $4) 

Tote: The duffel is a sleepover classic, but it’s also great for longer trips. This orange color makes it easy for your kid to identify his bag. (Paragon Sports, $45)

Don’t Forget: Stamps and stationery so he can send letters to friends and family (hey, snail mail isn’t dead!), fun snacks if he needs a break from camp food (as long as the camp directors say it’s allowed), and a note from mom and dad to dig out if a homesick moment strikes. Worried about kids’ belongings getting mixed up in the cabin? This camp-specific set of labels, on sale until June 30, is weather-resistant and will help him keep track of all of his stuff. (Mabel’s Labels, $40)

For the World Traveler 

Accessories: This notebook is tres chic! Your little travel companion can use it to doodle on the plane or make a list of must-sees. (Chronicle Books, $12)

Games: If you’re worried about overweight luggage, pack a lightweight card game that will keep kids occupied during long plane or train rides. Plus, kids will have a go-to activity if there’s downtime in the hotel room. (, $6) 

Tote: You may be traveling from destination to destination or have a ways to go from the airport to your hotel. A backpack is a practical way for kids to tote their stuff and pull a rolling suitcase at the same time. Make sure zippers stay shut and keep an eye out for strangers’ wandering hands so that nothing goes missing en route! (Amazon, $45)

Don’t Forget: That summer reading book (long plane rides are the perfect time for kids to tackle work), music and DVDs (plus headphones!) for additional entertainment, and chargers (plus country-specific converters) for all electronics. (Headphones: Sears, $25) 

For the Beach-Goer 

Accessories: Help her sun in style with this cheerful chair and umbrella set. (Hayneedle, $33). 

Games: Keep your little one occupied with a variety of toys to use in the sand. The multitude of options makes it easy to share with siblings. (Walmart, $21)

Tote: Kids can stash towels in this mesh bag which can later store wet swimsuits. (Paragon, $14)

Don’t Forget: It may seem like a no-brainer–but sunscreen is absolutely essential. Pack sunglasses to comfort sensitive eyes. This colorful lunchbox is cheerful and also keeps their snacks and drinks cool. (Paper Source, $23)

For a Visit with Relatives 

Accessories: A pillow will help keep little necks comfy in the car or on the plane and can double as a nighttime snuggle buddy if kids are wary about bringing favorite stuffed animals on vacation. Games: Grandma may not have tons of toys on hand, so be sure to pack some travel-friendly favorites! A game like Scrabble is fun for all generations. (, $19)

Tote: If Grandma is only a car ride away, you don’t have to be as concerned about weight limits and hauling hefty luggage. A canvas tote is a road trip must for keeping games, snacks, and books accessible. Plus, kids will love having their own personalized bag. (Grandin Road, $39) 

Don’t Forget: This vacation is all about relaxation and bonding time, so encourage your kid to choose some special activities to do with relatives. Is there a movie your daughter has seen recently that Grandpa would absolutely love? Rent it and bring it along to watch together! Is Grandma great at photography? Encourage your son to bring his camera so he can snap along with her. Is your little one curious about Uncle Jim’s life story? Bring along this ball filled with questions for kids to ask older relatives. (It  may help you learn more about your family, too!). (Walmart, $19) 

Have a wee one on board? Make sure Grandma and Grandpa’s house is babyproofed.

Babyproofing Your Home: Grammy¿s House
Babyproofing Your Home: Grammy¿s House
Babyproofing Your Home: Grammy¿s House

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