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What to Watch Tonight

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Up for a feel-really-good movie? Tonight on HBO, a documentary called “Miss You Can Do It” premieres. It goes behind the scenes of a beauty pageant in Illinois called Miss You Can Do It, which is for girls ages 4-25 who have physical and mental disabilities. It was created by a former Miss Iowa, Abbey Curran, who has cerebral palsy. No matter your feelings about pageants, I’m almost positive you’ll love the idea behind this one: For one weekend, every girl–no matter how she’s viewed by the rest of the world–is appreciated for her strength, her determination, and yes, her beauty. And these girls truly are beautiful, with a profoundly positive spirit. In the film, we meet several of the 2011 contestants and their families and get a glimpse into their everyday lives at home. I honestly can’t describe the parents in a way that does them justice–you have to hear them speak for yourself to appreciate how inspiring and honest they are. We learn what life has been like since their child was born and about the many health-related setbacks and victories they’ve had along the way. By the time we see footage of the pageant, where every girl is recognized and one is crowned Miss You Can Do It, you understand why an event like this is life-changing for everyone involved.

We first heard about the movie from our friends at Easter Seals, which has provided services for several of the contestants. Thanks to Easter Seals, children like 8-year-old Ali (pictured here during the “casual wear” portion of the contest), who has spina bifida, have gotten occupational and physical therapy, not to mention emotional support from the experts on staff.

Check out the pageant’s official site to learn more. It celebrates its 10th anniversary this year; there’s an entry form on the site in case there’s a future Miss You Can Do It in your life. In the meantime, watch this beautiful film tonight. And if you read this after June 24, DVR it–HBO will be airing it all summer.


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