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Hilary Duff: “I don’t want to rush him through life and the stages that are going by so quickly.”

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Hilary Duff Announces Each Pack of Trident Gum purchased This Week Is A Donation to Smiles Across AmericaYesterday, Hilary Duff celebrated Trident gum’s 10-year anniversary of their sponsorship of Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America campaign. (The campaign provides oral disease prevention to uninsured children.) This week 5 cents of every pack of Trident gum purchased—up to $200,000—will go to the cause! Parents sat down with the actress-cum-pop star and mom of 2-year-old Luca to talk dental health, why she’s more afraid of the terrible 3s than the 2s, and her own mommy monologue—Lizzie McGuire-style.

P: You’ve been involved in a lot of charitable work, what drew you to this cause?

HD: I think I just got inspired knowing that Trident has supported Oral Health America for the past ten years and they’ve raised over 2 million dollars doing such good. I’m starting to work with my son, taking care of his teeth everyday and trying to teach him how to brush. I’ve always had teeth issues so I know how painful it can be. I want to teach him how important it is to keep healthy teeth and brush after meals. And it’s my gum! This is actually my gum that I buy.

P: Speaking of teaching your son to brush, is he brushing his own teeth? Does he ever complain about having to do it? 

HD: He wants to brush his own, but I brush him first and then I let him “brush.” We started brushing when he had two little nubs sticking out just to get him used to it. My friend told me, “Get a toothbrush in there as soon as you can and make it a habit and routine.” We try to make it fun. I’ll be like “I bet you can’t stand on one foot while I brush your teeth” and he goes “I can! I can! I can!”

How to Brush Baby's Teeth
How to Brush Baby's Teeth
How to Brush Baby's Teeth

Aside from brushing, healthy eating habits are important, too. Check out Parents’ Toddler Nutrition Quiz to see if he’s eating right.

P: Now that Luca is 2 years old, tell me: Are they terrible?

HD: No. Not at all. I’m worried for 3 because 2 has been a breeze.

P: What’s your favorite part about 2?

HD: I think just all the vocabulary that happens. He’s getting so vocal and now he can put 4 or 5 words together. It’s a big thing when they can start joining words, but it’s sad too because some of the really cute things that you love go away quick. He’s starting to sing. He loves to sing the ABCs and The Great Big Spider—he does not like The Itsy Bitsy Spider he likes The Great Big Spider.

P: So you changed the words?

HD: Yes. And I guess…just how capable he is with everything now. He knows what he wants, but he’s a very sweet little boy and he has a really good spirit. He has the best smile. I’m lucky, but I’m a little afraid for 3 because 2 has been great.

P: Is there anything that he does that makes you think “Oh my gosh, he’s such a little mini-me?”

HD: All of his vocal-isms. He says “oh!” all the time because I say “Oh.” I’ll say to him “It’s time to go!” He’ll say “OH!” The other day I put something on instagram where he sprayed me with the hose. I didn’t think he could pull the trigger because they’re really tough. I just say “sure” all the time and I said “You can’t spray me” and he said “SURE!” and then pssshhhhh blasted me with the hose. He also says “No way” which is bad. I usually say it in a good way when I get excited like “no wayyyy”  and now he says it in a bad way. I’m like “Do you want to change your diaper?” “No way!” Excuse me? The sass.

P: This year has been a year of transition for your family. What has been the key to maintaining a positive parenting relationship for you and for Luca, perhaps as an example for other moms that might be going through harder times?

HD: I think the key thing for us is that he’s our main priority and we love and care for him so much and so everything else will straighten out eventually. We’re just trying to move forward with as much love as we can for him and our family. And we have a lot of respect for each other.

P: You’re most famous for your portrayal of Lizzie McGuire. She always had that inner monologue running through her head as a cartoon. What’s your mommy inner monologue like?

HD: I wish I could be funny right now, but I really don’t think it’s funny. I think a lot of the time I remind myself to count to ten. Take a breather. Their little legs can’t always keep up with ours and I don’t want to rush him through life and rush through the stages that I notice are going by so quickly. My life is so busy and so hectic and I move so quickly that it’s like, take it down a notch. It’s all good. So I think Ok count to 10. Sometimes it’s so easy to say “I’m just gonna pick you up and we’re gonna go,” but I want to be really patient with him.

Photograph: Michael Simon/StarTracks

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Making the Play with Andrew Luck

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

What do you do with your kids to get active? An NFL quarterback wants to know!

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is helping launch “Make the Play” with Quaker Oats to help motivate families to eat healthy and get active. Parents can submit their favorite ways to play with their families. The winning family with the most innovative game or original way to be active gets to participate in a “Day of Play” with Luck. Parents caught up with Luck to learn about the importance of kids getting active with their families.

P: What inspired you to get involved with “Make the Play”?

AL: This is my third year getting to work with Quaker. It’s really because we share so much passion for healthy lifestyles and encouraging kids to get outside to play for at least an hour a day, to eat good breakfast, and sleep well. I think those are great messages to get behind. I feel strongly about them and so does Quaker.

P: How did active play influence your childhood? 

AL: It was a big,big part of my childhood. I have three younger siblings, so the four of us were outside all the time after school playing games, making up games. My sister made up a game called “roof ball.” We’d play that constantly. She always beat me in it, and it made me very mad. But we were outside all the time. We’d wait for my dad to come home from work, and he’d take 15, 20 minutes to just throw a football or shoot basketball hoops or kick a soccer ball or play volleyball. That was always a big part of my childhood, and I know it must have helped me with sitting down and doing homework later or falling asleep. It was a great way to use up some energy.

P: What was “roof ball” like? 

AL: “Roof ball” was a game where we’d throw a ball on the roof and the person who caught it got points. I shoulda won, but I rarely did.

P: What are some advantages of children getting active? 

AL: I do think studies have shown that getting active for at least 60 minutes a day helps with concentration and focus, so I think that’s important. Just an active lifestyle is great for health overall.

P: What athlete inspired you as a kid to be active? 

AL: My dad [Oliver Luck] played football in the NFL, and he was a quarterback, as well. He was always an inspiration, and I loved watching Peyton Manning and Steve McNair. I enjoyed watching those guys.

P: How does eating right affect your performance?

AL: It’s a big part of being a professional athlete. To me, breakfast is my most important meal. It’s often the meal you play a game on. I make sure I have oatmeal, milk, and fruit. It’s the fuel you use to hopefully do your best, so eating right is a big part of being a professional athlete. I wish I paid more attention to it earlier in my life.

P: What’s you favorite oatmeal topping? 

AL: Fruit! All types of fruit—berries, especially.

P: What are some ways parents can inspire their kids to get active? 

AL: I always appreciated my dad coming outside and playing with us—or my mom—and being a part of the game we were playing or refereeing it or just being outside. That was fun for us, and it was very encouraging.

P: What are you looking for when judging the “Make the Play” contest? 

AL: Two simple things! One: Involve other people. It’s fun when a bunch of people are playing the game and families. Two: Have fun. Make sure you’re having fun, and that will come through on the videos.

For more information on the “Make the Play” contest, visit

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Rosie Pope’s Advice for Kate Middleton: “This Too Shall Pass”

Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Rosie PopeBy Lisa Weber

Rosie Pope is not only an actress, she’s also a household name in the parenting world. Pope, 34, is the founder of Rosie Pope Maternity, MomPrep and Rosie Pope Baby, as well as author of “Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy.”

Just recently, Celebrity Baby Scoop spoke with the mom-of-four about how she balances work and home, what makes royal babies so exciting, and her plans for Rosie Pope Baby.

CBS: The news about Will and Kate expecting baby #2 has taken the world by storm. What is it about royal babies that get the world so excited?

RP: “Being a prince or princess was probably everybody’s fantasy if only for a few moments as a child. To see it happen in reality is an amazing and magical thing and we get to watch the whole thing happen! It’s uplifting and the stuff of fairy tales but in real life.”

CBS: Kate looked so adorable during her first pregnancy; do you think she will duplicate her first pregnancy fashions or go with a different look?

RP: “Definitely duplicated but maybe she’ll get a little more daring now that she is confident in both how well the world received her fashion choices and in herself. First pregnancies feel so unknown and nerve racking and second pregnancies can be a little more relaxing. You are more used to the changes your body is making.”

CBS: As a maternity fashion designer, what advice would you give women who are pregnant and hoping to remain stylish?

RP: “Stay true to your sense of style and quite simply if it wasn’t something you would wear before you got pregnant, don’t wear it now that you are. We are lucky to have a lot of wonderful maternity designers today and so you can really find things that fit your new and changing body but are in align with the sense of style you have always had. I always keep this in mind when designing maternity clothes. Women want to feel like themselves as much as possible rather than trying too many new things in this very new world (to them) of pregnancy.”

CBS: As a mom of four, what advice would you give Kate about coping with morning sickness?

RP: “This too shall pass. It’s the only way to get through it because it is really not pleasant. She needs to use her support network to get rest and help with George. It is hard already being a mom taking care of your toddler while also trying to take care of yourself and the new baby. Kate is lucky to have help and now is the time to use it.”

CBS: What’s it like in your house with four active kids? What are they into these days? How do you keep everyone organized and keep your sanity?

RP: “It’s crazy but a beautiful kind of crazy! While schedules are so important to make sure we get everything done I have certainly learned to be more relaxed and go with the flow. I try and find those special moments of one on one time with my kids so that we connect in a very special way each day.”

CBS: As a working mom, how do you find balance between career and home?

RP: “I am still trying! One of the most important things are key touch points when I can. For us those are breakfast together in the morning and dinner together along with bath time and stories at night. Being there when they open their eyes in the morning and when they shut them at night are so important to me.”

CBS: Do you have any new projects you’d like to share with us?

RP: “I am working so hard on Rosie Pope baby, expanding the line and the distribution. I am so excited at the number of wonderful stores that will be carrying it come January. I am also planning to launch nursing as an extension of my maternity line next year too. If I totally give up sleeping I might finally finish my second book too!”

Use our Baby Name Finder to find the perfect name for your little one, check out which celebrities are pregnant, or find maternity clothes at Shop Parents.

Rosie Pope's Style Picks for Kate Middleton
Rosie Pope's Style Picks for Kate Middleton
Rosie Pope's Style Picks for Kate Middleton

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Real Glam Moms: “A good vibrant lipstick goes a long way!”

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Ayesha Curry

Here’s the newest installment of a brand new series from the Parents beauty department about mommy bloggers. Each installment will feature what beauty means to real moms no matter what their beauty routine is like—and how they take time to themselves after having children. 

We don’t like to play favorites, but we have to admit something. RGM was inspired by this week’s mom and her quick makeup routine video.

In February 2013, Ayesha Curry created Little Lights of Mine. Through YouTube videos on recipes and family fun with her 2-year-old daughter Riley, she shares all she is thankful for as a stay-at-home mom. I discovered Ayesha back in April when I watched her Husband Tag video. I was less focused on her basketball star hubby, Stephen Curry, and more on her flawless lilac lipstick.

What is your beauty routine like?

I only buy products that I know I could use everyday if I wanted to. They have to be easy to apply and sort of effortless.

How has your routine changed since you had your daughter?

There was a short time where my routine was nonexistentthe newborn phase. The only thing I reached for was mascara. Now that she can occupy herself for a short period of time, I can get a nice natural makeup look on my face in under five minutes. So I guess my time to apply has changed significantly since having Riley.

What is the importance of taking time to yourself?

I think you just feel better about yourself! Of course we don’t need makeup all of the time, but it’s nice to feel fabulous every now and then.

How do you find time to focus on your blog, your family, and yourself?

It’s always a work in progress. We play around with our schedules to see what works best each week. No two days are ever the same. We love to plan family outings ahead of time and always set aside time for family dinner. Nap times are usually when my best blogging is accomplished. I’ve acquired the skill of multi-tasking since becoming a mommy. Oh the perks!

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

Wash your face before bedtime, and always wear sunscreen!

Do you have any beauty advice for moms?

A good vibrant lipstick goes a long way! Perfect for those days when you’re tired and don’t feel like doing much to your face.

The Honest Co. Healing Balm


1. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil: I love a good strong brow! It’s my no. 1 go to.

2.  Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: Hands down, the best mascara I’ve used. It’s super easy to apply, and it lengthens and volumes like no other.

3. Coconut oil: It’s so multipurpose! I use it to remove makeup before washing my face, as a moisturizer, hair mask, and of course, to cook!

4. The Honest Co. Healing Balm: This works wonders on my lips and cuticles. I also use it during diaper changes for Riley when I notice a little redness. It vanishes within hours.

5. MAC lipstick: I love a vibrant lip! Red, orange pink! They just do it the best. My favorite colors right now are : Velvet Teddy, Chili, Pink Pigeon, and Morange.


New-Mom Makeovers: Makeup Tricks to Not Look Tired
New-Mom Makeovers: Makeup Tricks to Not Look Tired
New-Mom Makeovers: Makeup Tricks to Not Look Tired

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Jessica Alba

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

Parents attended a taping of  The Meredith Vieira Show, featuring special guest Jessica Alba. Movie star, entrepreneur and mom of Honor, 6, and Haven, 3, Alba is now a billionaire thanks to her venture The Honest Company. Dissatisfied with the home and baby product options on the shelves when she first became a mom, Alba founded the venture to provide non-toxic, truly organic, eco-friendly products in the baby, bath and body, cleaning, and wellness markets. But the conversation wasn’t all busines. Meredith and Jessica had a ton of fun on set and the audience learned a few things about Alba that they didn’t know before:

1. She loves her 30s. Alba confessed that her teens and her twenties were a time of insecurity. She says that she had a lot of the “normal” worries, but that much self-doubt came from her lack of a college education, which made her feel she wasn’t smart enough. Alba says that becoming a mom and making it over the hump of 30 was when she truly came into her own.

2. She can’t sing. At bedtime, moms will do anything to get little ones to go to sleep. Alba and her husband resort to singing. Well, Honor had a sleepover recently and Alba was going to tear her hair out if the girls didn’t get some zzz’s. So she sang to them. Honor’s friends were mortified because Alba is completely tone deaf (even though Honor never realized it)! Still, we have a feeling that with her acting chops, Alba will be just fine.

Playing With Baby: Let the Music Play
Playing With Baby: Let the Music Play
Playing With Baby: Let the Music Play

3. She has trouble at school drop-off. Alba admitted that just like a lot of moms out there, taking her eldest to school is much harder for her than it is for Honor. Alba misses her daughter during the day, saying that she wishes that during nap time she could just sneak in and cuddle with her.

4. She loves hand-me-downs. Alba is not too good for passing down pre-loved clothes to Haven. In fact, she prefers it. She loves seeing the outfits a second time around and reliving the memories of Honor wearing the same ensemble.

Shopping for your first? Parents has tons of recommendations for cute baby outfits!

5. She’s good at guessing games. This episode of The Meredith Vieira Show pitted Vieira opposite Alba in a guessing game much like “25,000 Pyramid.” Although Vieira’s team won in the end, Alba put up a good fight!

Jessica Alba appears on Wednesday, September 10th’s The Meredith Vieira Show, check your local listings or visit to find out when and where it airs in your city.

Photograph: Jessica Alba & Meredith Play The “Baby Talk” Game With Two Pregnant Audience Members/Courtesy The Meredith Vieira Show

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Your Cutie, #Superstar

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Excerpted from How To Make Your Baby An Internet Celebrityby Rick Chillot, Photography by Dustin Fenstermacher. Copyright 2014 Quirk Books. Clockwise from top left: ABC via Getty Images; Getty Images; KCD/Splash News; Fox/Getty Images

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Laila Ali: Be The Best You Can Be And Then Teach Your Kids Those Habits

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

On Monday, Parents joined the United States Tennis Association and boxer turned TV host Laila Ali to kick off National Obesity Awareness Month at the U.S. Open Championships. As an athlete and mom of Curtis, 6, and Sydney, 3, Ali is passionate about getting kids active from a young age. She shares her best advice for getting your kids up off the couch.

P: We’re here today to kick off National Obesity Awareness Month. How important is this cause to you as a mom and an athlete?

LA: It’s so important because it’s an epidemic here in the Untied States. Whenever children are involved they can’t be to blame. I’m always trying to spread awareness and inspire people to be the best that they can be, first, and then of course teach their kids those habits.

P: How do you get your kids to stay active and healthy?

LA: First and foremost, my kids see their parents being active. We live an active lifestyle so they get included. They’re introduced at a young age to different sports and they realize they like it. I think the key is getting them started young, giving them options and taking them outside.

P: What do you say to a parent whose child doesn’t want to get up off the couch?

LA: I think you definitely have to get involved as a family. Parents can’t be like, “Get up and go outside.” Sometimes you have to go outside with your kids, sometimes you have to go to the park, you have to go skating, you have to go to the beach and go biking. There are so many things that you can do just to get active. Also set parameters. “No you can’t watch TV right now, figure something out,” like they used to say back in the day. You’re going to find something to do because you’re going to be bored. It takes work and it takes consistency.

Find inspiration for fun with your child with Parents’ Activity Finder.

P: With your son just turning 6 and a 3-year-old girl, do they often have sibling squabbles? How do you deal with them?

LA: It’s a constant struggle in my life: these two fussing and arguing and my daughter coming in and wrecking whatever her brother built. He gets upset and I say “I understand you’re upset, but you can’t fight.” There are a lot of time outs in my house. They get tired of sitting out and they learn how to play.

It Worked For Me: Genius Discipline Tricks
It Worked For Me: Genius Discipline Tricks
It Worked For Me: Genius Discipline Tricks

P: What are you most looking forward to as your kids get older?

LA: I’m looking forward to getting them involved in sports because that’s a regret that I have—that I didn’t get involved in sports at a young age. I’m definitely getting one of those nets and racquets and setting it up in my driveway. I can get out there and play with them. I’m really excited about that and learning as I go.

Photograph: Courtesy of USTA

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Megan Hilty: Making Memories Even Before Baby Arrives—You Might Want To Steal These

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Parents caught up with former Smash star and Broadway headliner Megan Hilty and her singer-songwriter hubby Brian Gallagher at the launch of Wendy Bellisimo’s new collection for Destination Maternity. Due in September, this first-time mama spills about dealing with her cravings, making special memories with her baby girl before she arrives, and the song that makes her daughter go wild.

P: You’re coming into the home stretch. What has been the most surprising thing about your pregnancy?

MH: How much I’ve enjoyed it! I’ve really really loved being pregnant. She’s been an awesome baby and I’ve just really dug it.

P: Are you feeling the usual symptoms of back pain and swollen feet? What are your secrets for dealing with it?

MH: No back pain, but the reason I’m not wearing a dress is because I have no ankles anymore. So that’s been a fun thing to deal with at the end of summer.

P: And yet you’re in these huge stiletto heels!

MH: Oh yeah. Absolutely! You just gotta bind em up and keep them contained.

P: What have been your favorite fashion tricks to still look cool and have style while growing?

MH: Well, I’m actually wearing one of Wendy [Bellisimo]’s shirts. I love it so much because I do have to wear pants and at least this breathes a little bit. I don’t feel like I’ve had to sacrifice any style or anything because maternity fashion has become so hip.

P: You’ve said you’ve been craving everything that you can’t eat. How do you deal with these cravings that you can’t really curb and what’s your go-to snack?

MH: I trick myself. I really want a tuna fish sandwich, but everything that I read about tuna is like it’s awful for us in general now. So I go with a chicken salad. Vegetable rolls when we go out for sushi instead of raw fish. It’s not really what I want, but I try to just trick myself.

Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

P: The two of you really seem to be bonding throughout this whole experience. What are you most looking forward to as a parenting team?

MH: We’ve been really lucky. Throughout this whole pregnancy we’ve been touring a lot and doing all these concerts and traveling. We do do everything together.

BG: When people ask me what I’m most excited about my sincere answer is usually to see her as a mom. I think it’s going to be pretty magical.

MH: And I’m just excited to see him be a dad.

P: You’re both musicians, so do you guys sing to her? Is there a choice favorite song?

MH: We’ve put together this project. For every concert that we did, our encore was “Rainbow Connection” and we videotaped it. She can hear everything but we wanted to show her all the amazing places she’s been and all the beautiful people she’s been surrounded by.

P: Does she kick around when you sing it or is there a different song that she reacts to?

MH: She likes it when I’m mellow so “Second Hand White Baby Grand” from Smash. Every time I sing that. The first time it happened I looked at him like [Whoa!]. He didn’t know what was happening. She always has a little party during that song.

P: So you’ve been pondering baby names and you’ve narrowed it down. I won’t ask you to reveal your choices, but have there been specific sources of inspiration?

MH: We do have a family name as her middle name and that has been a constant. But we did pick out a name. We went to Paris for our babymoon. You know that bridge you put your lock on? We hung her full name there and the lock came with three keys, so we each threw a key in and made a wish for her and then we have her key at home and a little map where she can go find it if it’s still there or if she even cares about it.

BG: Probably not. She’ll be in Paris with her friends and she’ll be like my parents did this stupid thing for me and now…

MH: …I have to find my dumb lock. [Laughter]

Need help choosing a name for your sweetheart? Try our Baby Name Finder!

P: It sounds like you have already been making memories and preparing for her. Is her nursery all decorated?

MH: It’s like the rest of our apartment. It’s a little shabby chic, antique-y with pastel colors. We knew we’d be getting a lot of pink stuff and I’m so not against pink, but I didn’t want it to define her just because she’s a girl. We have a lot of yellows and turquoises and violets.

P: With both of you being performers, will you nudge her in that direction? Is there a little singer in there?

MH: We’re hoping she’s our retirement fund, so we’re hoping she actually makes some money. [Laughter] No, but she’ll be surrounded by amazing people in the theater, of course, so she’ll see what it’s like and she’ll see how hard it is to make it there. So if that’s what she wants to do we’ll support her.

Photograph: Chad Davis, Courtesy of Destination Maternity

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