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Webtastic Wednesday

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

We all know that most kids are glad to speak their minds at any given time—talk about fearless! And Riley does just that. This admirable kiddie does just that by making a toy store aisle her very own platform to speak against the unfair marketing techniques companies are pulling on girls and boys. In her own words: “The companies try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff instead of stuff boys want to buy.” Preach, Riley!

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Webtastic Wednesday

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Take a break from what you’re doing right now and watch our dramatic-meets-adorable choice for this week’s Webtastic Wednesday. From now on, we’ll be combing through YouTube and showing you the absolute best. Really. We also understand you’re a busy bee, therefore we’ll be posting one video a post.

Phew! Since that’s cleared up, let’s finally move on to this week’s ‘webtastic’ installment:

Don’t you sometimes wish you were in a “Law & Order” episode? Don’t lie. We all have. Throw in a cute baby, an eager daddy, and an interrogation session into the mix, and you’ve just described the following video:



What did you think of this week’s video? 

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Webtastic Wednesday

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

It’s Wednesday. We know you’re all eager to jump right into your softer-than-a-cloud sweatpants and spend a cozy weekend in with the family. But let’s try to live in the moment…for (at least) 10 minutes.

Custom Movie Trailer

How does one go about proposing to a movie buff? By making his own movie trailer, of course. Watch it unfold here.

Surprised Kitty

Paws down, this is the cutest kitty on YouTube. Warning: The 17-second video will have you visiting your local pet store to pick up a cutie of your own.

Sign a (Bieber) Song

Yep, you read right—that’s “sign” not “sing.” Last week, my best friend came up to me, excited (I’m talking jumping up and down) to show me something she had learned that same day. This is what she showed me.  Learning how to sign 10 songs has made its way onto my bucket list.


What did you think of WW? What have you seen on the web lately?


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Webtastic Wednesday

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

This week’s Webtastic Wednesday includes a puppy with a lot of perseverance and children who get duped by their own parents—umm, we’ll let you watch for yourself:

Wobblin’ Pup

We take many things for granted—including our ability to get right back up after a fall. This French Bulldog tries its hardest to do the same. But does the wobblin’ pup succeed? Take a look here.


Pint-Size Serenade

What’s better than a tiny cutie singing the Beatles’ classic “Hey Jude”? I’m thinking not too much. The kid superstar dons diapers and plays a guitar (that looks to be taller than he is) on his sofa-made stage. Paul McCartney, eat your heart out. We dare you not to crack a smile.



Baby Loves Paper

Oh, if only ripping paper was our idea of fun. But watching this baby in pink having a giggle fit may just be a suitable substitute.


Jimmy Kimmel dared parents to lie to their kids…

And a handful of them did just that.  On his show, Jimmy Kimmel gave parents the task to give their children one (bad) present before Christmas. Many chose to wrap rotten or half-eaten food. The video drew criticism, calling Kimmel cruel and unfair, while others said it was all in good fun. What do you think of it?

Photo Source: Harper Smith/ABC


What was your favorite WW video? Did you find one you’d like to share?

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Webtastic Wednesday

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Who doesn’t love watching cute, laugh-out-loud videos on a Wednesday? I know I do.  It’s the perfect pick-me-up on hump day. So take a 5-minute break, slump back on your favorite chair and press play.

1) Watermelon Baby

I love fruit and I also love babies. So, you’ll have to trust when I say that I freaked out when this video popped up on my screen. Check out Watermelon Baby.

2) Stalker Kitty

C’mon, you’d love it if your pet were this quick on its paws. Take a look at Stalker Kitty.

3) The “Biggie” Baby

From a baby nestled in a watermelon to a baby who can’t get enough of Notorious B.I.G, is there anything we haven’t seen?

The Biggie Baby

4) O.B “Sorry” Video

In what’s probably the most brilliant marketing idea I’ve seen (take that, you Reese’s Pieces-loving Extra-Terrestrial!), o.b. Ultra tampons created an interactive “sorry” video—made just for you.

Here’s the backstory: In the fall of 2010, the applicator-free product was disappearing from store shelves, leaving loyal users in a panic. The tampons started showing up again in the spring, but the Ultras were still nowhere to be seen. But—get ready, ladies—the company announced their return in 2012. And they’re really, really sorry for the absence. Really.

Go ahead and type in your name here. We won’t judge if you’re envisioning your hubby on that piano.

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In Their Skin

Thursday, December 8th, 2011


I recently watched I’m Just Like You: Children With Psoriasis, a documentary that followed five families who are dealing with this skin condition. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that occurs when skin cells multiply up to ten times faster than normal, leaving those who are affected with painful, scaly lesions on their skin. Writer/director Fred Finkelstein–who’s had psoriasis his whole life–created the film to shine a light on the impact such an illness can have, specifically on young kids.

Before watching the film, I had no idea psoriasis was such a life-changing issue. I remember watching Kim Kardashian find out she had it during an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. I didn’t feel pity; I took her crying as an overreaction for obvious reasons (hello, spoiled celebrity!). But having the opportunity to follow young sufferers dealing with this disease daily really opened my eyes to how serious psoriasis really is. Every year, roughly 20,000 children under age 10 are diagnosed with psoriasis. The children in the film, although as young as age 6, were totally aware of the disease. They knew that one “great” week, where they had only one spot near their belly button, could drastically turn into one  where they’re dealing with a fever and a dozen spots. The children shared how they were struggling with psoriasis—how they would sometimes get made fun of at school and how annoying (and smelly) applying the topical treatments really were. Six-year-old Logan describes the condition this way: “It itches and my skin bleeds a lot.”

Another girl in the movie, a high school junior named Lauren, really surprised me. At first, Lauren was introduced to us as a daughter of a dad with psoriasis. Her father struggled with the disease and feared that his teenage daughter would one day develop it. Midway through the film we find out that she does have psoriasis–but Lauren handles it in a really admirable way. She spearheaded a psoriasis-awareness walk and regularly visits elementary schools to educate young kids on the issue. She’s the perfect example of how to make the best out of an unfortunate diagnosis.

To watch a trailer of the movie or to purchase a copy (there’s a suggested minimum donation of $20), click here. And for more information on psoriasis, visit the National Psoriasis Foundation.

Image: Baby hand holding mother finger via Shutterstock.

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