Megan Hilty: Making Memories Even Before Baby Arrives—You Might Want To Steal These

Parents caught up with former Smash star and Broadway headliner Megan Hilty and her singer-songwriter hubby Brian Gallagher at the launch of Wendy Bellisimo’s new collection for Destination Maternity. Due in September, this first-time mama spills about dealing with her cravings, making special memories with her baby girl before she arrives, and the song that makes her daughter go wild.

P: You’re coming into the home stretch. What has been the most surprising thing about your pregnancy?

MH: How much I’ve enjoyed it! I’ve really really loved being pregnant. She’s been an awesome baby and I’ve just really dug it.

P: Are you feeling the usual symptoms of back pain and swollen feet? What are your secrets for dealing with it?

MH: No back pain, but the reason I’m not wearing a dress is because I have no ankles anymore. So that’s been a fun thing to deal with at the end of summer.

P: And yet you’re in these huge stiletto heels!

MH: Oh yeah. Absolutely! You just gotta bind em up and keep them contained.

P: What have been your favorite fashion tricks to still look cool and have style while growing?

MH: Well, I’m actually wearing one of Wendy [Bellisimo]’s shirts. I love it so much because I do have to wear pants and at least this breathes a little bit. I don’t feel like I’ve had to sacrifice any style or anything because maternity fashion has become so hip.

P: You’ve said you’ve been craving everything that you can’t eat. How do you deal with these cravings that you can’t really curb and what’s your go-to snack?

MH: I trick myself. I really want a tuna fish sandwich, but everything that I read about tuna is like it’s awful for us in general now. So I go with a chicken salad. Vegetable rolls when we go out for sushi instead of raw fish. It’s not really what I want, but I try to just trick myself.

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P: The two of you really seem to be bonding throughout this whole experience. What are you most looking forward to as a parenting team?

MH: We’ve been really lucky. Throughout this whole pregnancy we’ve been touring a lot and doing all these concerts and traveling. We do do everything together.

BG: When people ask me what I’m most excited about my sincere answer is usually to see her as a mom. I think it’s going to be pretty magical.

MH: And I’m just excited to see him be a dad.

P: You’re both musicians, so do you guys sing to her? Is there a choice favorite song?

MH: We’ve put together this project. For every concert that we did, our encore was “Rainbow Connection” and we videotaped it. She can hear everything but we wanted to show her all the amazing places she’s been and all the beautiful people she’s been surrounded by.

P: Does she kick around when you sing it or is there a different song that she reacts to?

MH: She likes it when I’m mellow so “Second Hand White Baby Grand” from Smash. Every time I sing that. The first time it happened I looked at him like [Whoa!]. He didn’t know what was happening. She always has a little party during that song.

P: So you’ve been pondering baby names and you’ve narrowed it down. I won’t ask you to reveal your choices, but have there been specific sources of inspiration?

MH: We do have a family name as her middle name and that has been a constant. But we did pick out a name. We went to Paris for our babymoon. You know that bridge you put your lock on? We hung her full name there and the lock came with three keys, so we each threw a key in and made a wish for her and then we have her key at home and a little map where she can go find it if it’s still there or if she even cares about it.

BG: Probably not. She’ll be in Paris with her friends and she’ll be like my parents did this stupid thing for me and now…

MH: …I have to find my dumb lock. [Laughter]

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P: It sounds like you have already been making memories and preparing for her. Is her nursery all decorated?

MH: It’s like the rest of our apartment. It’s a little shabby chic, antique-y with pastel colors. We knew we’d be getting a lot of pink stuff and I’m so not against pink, but I didn’t want it to define her just because she’s a girl. We have a lot of yellows and turquoises and violets.

P: With both of you being performers, will you nudge her in that direction? Is there a little singer in there?

MH: We’re hoping she’s our retirement fund, so we’re hoping she actually makes some money. [Laughter] No, but she’ll be surrounded by amazing people in the theater, of course, so she’ll see what it’s like and she’ll see how hard it is to make it there. So if that’s what she wants to do we’ll support her.

Photograph: Chad Davis, Courtesy of Destination Maternity

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