Kid-Friendly Pantry Options

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We recently remodeled our pantry and decided to make it a little more family friendly. You should have seen the before photo. Whoa. It was messy.

Here is an “in progress” photo:

Pantry remodel

Crazy, right?

The after photo looks much better, promise.

Pantry Remodel

With this new pantry system, we were able to create a bottom shelf specifically for my daughter. I went out and bought a clear organizer bin and used it to organize and hold her snacks. It was the perfect size for her fruit cups, drinks, and other various snacks.

Del Monte Peaches

By seeing everything easier, she was actually able to make healthier choices. When we put the new pantry in, we went through and got rid of a lot of the junk and replaced it with healthier options like fruit burst squeezers, fruit cups, raisins, pretzels and more.

Now, when she goes to reach for a snack, she grabs a fruit cup instead of the first thing she used to see, which usually involved some sort of cracker, chip, or candy mess. The old pantry was not very organized and there were no shelves to help keep things neat. I’m so happy I am now able to devote a small space for her.

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