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It’s almost time for back to school to start up once again. Are you ready for the chaos to begin? School mornings in our home are crazy! It seems like I’m always rushing around trying to get them both girls ready and out the door to catch the bus on time. Between making breakfast, ensuring teeth are properly brushed and preparing a healthy lunch bag for the girls, I’m frazzled by 9 am. I’ve resolved to make this year different though with a little bit of organization and preparation! I can do this.

My stroke of mommy brilliance hit when I was browsing the aisles at our local craft store. I spotted these pretty colored baskets in the clearance section and thought I could use them to help organize the morning chaos. I knew exactly what I wanted to use them for: Lunchbox Snack Stations!

Lunchbox Snack Stations

I decided to make one for both of my daughters and then also bought one extra to use for my husband for the days he needs to pack a lunch. I figured these stations would save time in the morning so I wouldn’t have to dig through the pantry to find healthy snacks that the girls like to eat.

My daughters have very specific likes and dislikes in terms of the snacks they’ll eat. If I give them each their own lunchbox snack station and fill it with healthy snacks I know they enjoy, then they can just pick and choose what they want to bring with them to school.

It’s really simple to make these Lunchbox Snack Stations. All you’ll need is some baskets, duck tape and some alphabet stickers.

Lunchbox Packing Stations

I wrapped a piece of duct tape around each of the baskets. It makes the baskets look a little fancier and also provides a spot for the alphabet stickers to go.

Lunchbox Packing Stations

Using the alphabet stickers, put each child’s name over the duct tape.

Lunchbox Packing Stations

Homemade Lunchbox Packing Stations

Voilà! Your Lunchbox Snack Stations are ready!

Lunchbox Packing Stations

Now it’s time to fill it with some healthy and delicious lunch snacks! My kids enjoy eating Del Monte Plastic Fruit Cups so I put a few different varieties in both their stations. I made sure to give Olivia more of the Orchard Peach flavor since that’s her favorite.

Del Monte Pineapple Coconut

Another option would be to add Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers. With 1½ servings of fruits and vegetables and a yummy fruity taste, kids love them. As a mom, I appreciate that they have no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors.

I think these Lunchbox Snack Stations are a win-win. They help to keep us organized in the mornings and also provide the kids with healthy snacking options to fuel their day. I feel much better about school starting up again. Bring it on!

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