Dad Brings Two Kids On Plane, Gets V.I.P. Treatment

Our writer Sarah Schmelling offers a funny perspective in her Parents magazine column, ”Just Kidding! 

ALEXANDRA, VA - Todd Briscoe, 37, unexpectedly received royal treatment when he brought his two sons on a cross-country flight last week.

“They were adorable!” gushed flight attendant Courtney Flann. “They sat on either side of him, slamming their tray tables open and closed while he sang a song about space zombies. It was sweet!”

Flann said she and her colleagues made sure Briscoe and his boys, ages 4 and 5, could watch nonstop movies and have free first-class dinners, despite the fact the rest of the passengers could only buy BBQ chips and a Lettuce Wrap for $11. “We know that it’s hard to bring kids on a five-hour flight,” she explained. “We wanted him to have the best experience possible.”

Tricia Finewood, 41, a mom traveling with three kids and sitting two rows behind Briscoe, said she saw people fawning over someone but assumed it was a celebrity. “I was dealing with the woman in front of me talking loudly about how ‘parents these days have no control over their kids’ while my daughters read quietly,” she said. “Also, I got hit by a suitcase while getting our bags in the overhead bin by myself.”

When told that the fuss was over a dad traveling with kids, Finewood said, “I get it. Dads with kids are cute. Me? I just dream of a day when I can fly with my children and get past the beverage cart to go to the bathroom.”

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