Soft as a Baby’s…You Know the Rest!


It’s been a busy week for baby skincare in the American Baby office: Here are three brands that crossed our desk!

1) CeraVe: You may have purchased CeraVe products for yourself in the past, but they’re beneficial for Baby, too. The diaper rash cream, moisturizing lotion, and wash and shampoo, which make up the company’s new line for little ones, are all fragrance-free (and they’re paraben, phthalete, and sulfate-free, too!).

2) JOHNSON’s: The age-old brand has removed parabens, phthalates, and triclosens from their products and has just launched a new reformulated line consisting of “head-to-toe” wash, baby lotion, two types of shampoos and two shampoo/conditioner combinations, and a soothing vapor baby bath.

3) Baby Mantra: The company’s calming lotion (with shea butter and lavender oil) and newborn shampoo and body wash (with coconut and olive oil) are among environmentally-friendly Baby Mantra products made with natural ingredients. They ‘re also reminiscent of your favorite spa scents!

Stock up and keep your little ones smooth!

How to Bathe a Baby
How to Bathe a Baby
How to Bathe a Baby

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